Starting a new book. 📚

I’ve decided to pick up a book to read today that isn’t a course book…yay! Recently, I have been reading a lot of intense pieces of literature that are critically acclaimed within the English Canon for my degree, so it is always lovely to just wind back with an easy read book.  

For those of you that have followed my blog for a while will know how much I ADORED ‘Me Before You’, so I thought I would pick up another one of JoJo Moyes books.  

  • Have you read any of her books, other than ‘Me Before You’ and ‘After You’?? Got any reccomendations?? 🙋🏼
  • Or any reccomendations for me.   


Hope you are all having a lovely day and I have exciting news…⭐️🌟 I am going to try and blog everyday in September, please encourage me- do you have anything you’d like to see on this blog ? ⭐️🌟 

My weird (yet wonderful) bookish habit.

Recently I have been reflecting upon the weird things I do when I am reading or in my everyday life regarding reading and I thought I would share them with you. Maybe you can comfort me and let me know that I am not the only one who does them.

So, without further ado here are my weird book//reading habits.

  1. My favourite place to read is sat on a cushion, on the floor with my back pressed against a scorching hot radiator. Obviously I can and do read in other locations but this is where I feel the most relaxed.  I love having a cup of tea within reaching distance when I read, any kind – peppermint, green tea, normal tea. Where do you like reading the most?  

tumblr_o1b9eydzae1udh5n8o1_500.gif JLP2013 - POST DIVIDER

  1. Whenever I am out and about and I can see someone reading a book that I love, this weird thing happens to me. I stop what I am doing and just stare at the person for a while; I try my hardest to look normal on the outside but on the inside I am screaming up and down with eagerness. I want to be their friend, I want to go 3up to the person and chat to them about the book and gain their opinion.   I know this is super weird but I would love it if someone did it to me, it would be slightly bizarre at first but then I would be like ‘yaaaaasss gurl, I love this book. ITS AMAZING!!’ Please tell me that at least one of you do this and that I haven’t gone completely crazy.



  1. I absolutely despise it when people bend the top of a page when reading as an indicator for where they got to. I will use ANYTHING and EVERYTHING before resorting to mistreating my book. The other day for instance, I didn’t have any paper in my bag so I quickly used my paracetamol packet instead to keep my page. Bookmarks can be so quirky, colourful and amazing…use them people…use them.


  1. Once facebook told me on a quiz, that I would meet my true love at a bookstore while reaching for the same book. Obviously facebook is 100% an accurate and reliable source, so I am waiting for the day to happen. Imagine it now…it has been a stressful day and I long for the comfort of a bookstore, I am in desperate need for the latest release and just when I am on the verge of giving up. I spot the last copy out of the corner of my eye, I run to the book in a socially accepting manner and just as my hand are about to clasp the book, a strong muscular arm collides with mine. *romantic instrumental music begins* as our touch creates sparks and we stare longingly into each other’s eyes.

So, number on my list is how I always think how romantic it would be to meet      someone as a bookstore. OR, I imagine myself into books where I date the main character.



  1. Forgetting I have hands when reading and stifling a yawn with a book. I read about someone else doing this the other day and I realized that I also do it. I am so intensely captivated by the book that instead of putting to book down like a normal human to cover my mouth while yawning, I just bring my book to my mouth and yawn.



This post made me sound crazzzy, absolutely bonkers. I have sooo many more weird (yet wonderful) book habits to share with you guys, but I didn’t want to overwhelm you and scare you away. But if you do like this post and want to hear more- please comment below and I a second post will follow.

Also, do you have any quirky things you do while reading?

Superdrug Haul 🌟

In the early hours of the morning one day last week I decided to treat myself to a superdrug delivery. 

                     Oh, yeah…treating myself

Then I added to my delivery today when I popped into the Bristol store. 

Coincidentally, it appears that I love the make up MUA and B. 

Lips ~ 


You can see each of the lip colours on my hand, the colours going down my hand match the lipsticks in order. I absolutely adore the MUA velvet Lip lacquer that dries matted. It’s beautiful! 

Also, how incredible is the MUA LUXE colour. I have no clue how I am going to wear it but I couldn’t resist. 



The popping candy highlighting serum is soo beautiful and I cannot wait to use it! I also love the MUA undress your skin shimmer highlighter in Iridescent Gold. I have it Pink Shimmer which I love!! 

  • Do you use any of these? 
  • Do you have any reccomendations?


I recently treated myself to a birch box subscription and I LOVE IT! When I signed up, they had a promotion on where you would get two boxes in July (due to receiving one for June as well). 


Basically if you don’t know, ‘Birchbox’ is a monthly subscription of beauty products for only £10. (plus £2.95 for shipping) and wonderfully each month you get to explore new products that you necessarily  would not try because of price or scepticism.  What I love the most about these products is the enigma…oh the mystery… because although you fill out the information which describes your hair, face type and beauty experience- what you receive every month is a secret until you open the box.


Another thing that I love is that my sister and I joined together and each month we compare our boxes and get excited when they give us a choice of an extra gift. We always seem to pick the opposite product to each other.

If you click here and sign up you will receive 50 points on your account (which is basically £5 because when you get to 100 point, you receive £10 to spend in the shop. ALSO…this is why I thought I would bring it your attention, if you review the products you receive in your books, you get an extra £5 on your account.    


Would you like me to do a post on what I received in my JUNE, JULY and AUGUST boxes?

Do you already get the boxes?

AUGUST ‘TBR’ 📚📕📕📗📙📒📔

1. HOW ARE WE IN AUGUST??? It’s crazy 😱 where has 2016 gone? 

2. I was an absolutely horrible blogger//reading in July and I’m sorry but I worked a shit loads of hours and couldn’t find the energy to blog everyday. 

So, without further ado, I present my Aug ’16 TBR  

  1. The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien 
  2. Falling Man by Don DeLillo
  3. The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame
  4. Matilda by Roald Dahl 


Excitement is running through my veins. I can’t contain it. AHHHHHHH!!!! 

So, tragically yesterday I had work 9-6 meaning I couldn’t go to the any bookstore to collect Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. **SOBBING** My wonderful nan also preordered me the book ages ago and got it yesterday but in London and I am in Bristol, so I cheekily got one today. (Yay, I now have two

I need to stress again how incredible the play was- it truly was MAGICAL. Wow, just wow!  I am still baffled today as to how some of the stuff actually happened. My mind was blown! 

I cannot believe I hand my hands on the script now and have a day off to actually devour it.


  • Have your read it? 
  • Are you currently reading it? 
  • I want to see your appreciation for it, add me on Instagram – Book_Captivation and tag me in your pictures of the book.
  •  I am in my happy place right now… 

Thursday Quotable

This is a weekly meme, where you share a quote that made you laugh, cry or gasp this week. This week I have been thinking about how much I adore ‘Not That Kind of Girl’ by Lena Dunham, so I had to quote her. She is awesome – I love her book, I love her Instagram and I love her tv show ‘Girls’. She is one of my idols, a real inspiration for everyone.

lenaquote I just want to meet her and hug her. How badass is she?