The Fault in Our Stars


Let me just rewind back to when I first discovered the captivating and overwhelming book that is THE FAULT IN OUR STARS. While reading it I could feel my perspective on life shift and I found myself questioning my purpose of life. “What did I want to achieve?”, “Am I making the most out of my life?” and most importantly I pondered “What can I personally do to make other happy?” I read the spectacular book within four hours because I just could not stop reading; I was completely hooked and wanted to finish reading in order to know if Hazel Grace was okay as I fully lost myself within her character.

My mum later laughed at me because for four hours I did not move from my space on the sofa, all I did was sit there reading, crying, laughing and shouting “NOOOOOOOO this cannot happen”, “NOOOO John Green you cannot do this.”

Once I had finished the book, I truly could not form a coherent thought so I led on my dull grey floor and procrastinated for hours before my family started to worry where I was. The time allowed all of the miss placed jigsaw pieces that I should call my thought battle it out in order to be the most prominent.  “Why is life so unfair for some people?” “Why can’t I help?” The reality of life and death really hit me, it may sound completely ridiculous but I felt as if I had personally lost someone important in my life and I just could not break free from the hypnotizing emptiness caused by the loss of a fictional character. I know I crazy but like I said in my previous post I have a tendency to get overly attached to fictional character due to the fact I use books as an escapism.

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      1. Yeah a few, one that most people haven’t read (and that I always recommend, is 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher. It’s fairly short and really intense.

        Looking for Alaska, also by John Green is great too!


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