Girl Online By Zoe Sugg Review


It took me around seven hours to complete this book; the writing style was not complex so it was a fun, quick and entertaining read. I know Zoe received a lot of unnecessary press surrounding this book but I honestly do not care if she received helped  when writing it because all that matters is if I liked it or not.


I have been reading a lot more challenging books recently like Before I go to sleep and Gone Girl that constantly kept my mind racing with questions so to read this was quite just lovely. Girl Online is Zoe’s first book! wooooo to say I was excited and intrigued with Zoella announced she was publishing a book would be an understatement. I have been following Zoella’s journey on Youtube for years now (I remember when she was thanking 500 subscribers and now she has over six million….MILLION!!! So due to the fact I have been a fan of the author herself for a long time this is probably a biased review.

As I mentioned briefly in a previous blog post about this book , it tackles a lot of current issues that I think is an excellent thing for teenagers to read about. It really is a feel good book that leaves you wanting more cute Noah and Penny moments.  I related to Penny on a personal level because of the fact she suffered with anxiety and was the most awkward person ever. Like Cather (in Fangirl) Penny was me… really cheeky of Zoe Sugg and Rainbow Rowell to jump inside my head and borrow my traits to make their characters. (Joking, obviously)

So, if you are looking to discover a lovely and enjoyable book with a heartwarming story line, which also features awesomely developed characters…Then go and read Girl Online.

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