STILL ALICE !!!!!!!!!

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IMDB- 7.5 OUT OF 10




  • Julianne Moore
  • Kristen Stewart
  • Kate Bosworth
  • Hunter Parrish
  • Alec Baldwin
based on Novel by lisa genova                                                                       GENRE: DRAMA                                                                                                     RUNNING TIME: 101 MINUTES                                                                               summary of film:    A vibrant and accomplished college professor (Julianne Moore) disappears in front of her friends, family and herself as Alzheimer’s disease slowly destroys her mind.


I just finished watching this film and wow… I feel broken! Send help, I need a hug! If you have read any of my other reviews you will be aware that I am a crier, if not you lovely people who are reading this; I cry at pretty much everything.  When I can tell people are going through pain, I cry…fictional or real.   This film tackles the taboo subject that is Alzheimer’s and the fact that Alice is only fifty makes it even more heartbreaking.

Being an English Student I liked that apart from memory loss, the film focuses on words. Alice was a linguistic professor (although I do Literature, I am still fascinated by the language side of English). The film focuses on there meaning and what they do. Words are a powerful thing and when they are taken away, it makes one feel helpless. The protagonist starts to forget words which juxtaposes with the extremely intelligent Alice at the beginning of the movie; not only does this reinforce how quickly someone can lose themselves due to a disease but it also forces the audience to connect with Alice because they are right by her side before her diagnosis and after…long after.

Julianne Moore is mesmerizing. I just wanted to jump into my laptop and give her hug, the films family dynamic really hit me. It was so real and raw that I felt pulled into it, I too felt on edge of my seat worried about what she would do next and if she would be okay. I felt like the characters were really cleverly developed within this story because they manage to broadcast so many different emotions which I guarantee  everyone will be able to relate to. However they all come to together with the audience to witness Alice’s battle with her disease, her destruction, her happiness and most of all how inspiring she is.

To be honest Kristen Stewart is one of my idols so I never feel like I can give her a bad review…not that it ever crossed my mind throughout this film because her role was also captivating.  She plays one of Alice’s children named Lydia who to seemed to be a bit of an outsider to the family (maybe I am wrong) unlike her brother and sister she didn’t go to university or want to because she wanted to be an actress. I know a lot people hate Kristen Stewart but I always feel like they are just judging her on Twilight (I love Twilight). People who read the book know Bella is quite a introvert and sullen character so Kristen was just portraying the character honesty. I have seen every single Kristen Stewart film to date and can honestly say quite a few times her portrayal of characters has blown me away. In Speak she was absolutely astonishing, especially for how young she was.  I think she is pretty awesome and am so so glad she finally seems to be getting some appreciation she deserves. tumblr_m278wkRvYf1qcezh0o4_r1_250

spoiler- One of the most upsetting scenes for me was when Alice went to watch Lydia perform in her play and after the show she was questioning her about her life and what it like to be part of the show because Alice cannot remember that it is her daughter.

Even typing about it now makes me choke up so I am dreading what it is going to be like when I read the book. I feel like books like this are so important to read because they make you feel so grateful and want to appreciate life.  This film definitely wont be leaving my thoughts for a while and I will read the book as soon as possible. I can already feel that it will be life changing.

I am glad that this film portrays a realistic and truthful representation because the subject is really close to some people’s hearts.

GO READ THIS BOOK OR A LEAST GO AND WATCH THE FILM!  It is an intense, tear-jerking, captivating and heartbreaking story that will capture your heart while inspiring you to live life to the max.  Alice’s internal battle really will stay with me forever because of how well Julianne Moore played her. tumblr_mhh1sofeGV1rfgw3eo1_500

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