Paranoia by Ryan Fortier

An author Ryan Fortier contacted me and asked me if I would be able to read and review his debut novel Paranoia and of course I leapt at the chance, so without further ado here is my review.


The story follows seventeen year old Jacob Tyler on an emotionally heartbreaking journey as he deals with the aftermath of pure devastation and the effects of how one moment can change everything. One moment he is a normal teenage boy who has to worry about hormones, school and curfews and the next his whole life is turned upside down  and he has to cling to the last bit of happiness he has left in a world that suffocates him in darkness.  After four months, he becomes desperate for answers and refuses to believe the death of his parents was a mistake. Paranoia pushes him over the edge in the enigmatic thriller.

“Jacob, we’ll love you always.”  These five words haunted me so much throughout the book, ever since they were helplessly uttered by his mother in chapter one they sent shivers through me every time they were mentioned again. They acted as a constant reminder of how dark this story was and made me completely hooked.

I absolutely loved the character Jacob because I could feel his pain and devastation ooze from the page, making him so relatable and me sympathise with him so much.  His character really made me want to jump into the story and help him, the writing within the book was absolutely divine.  The description brought the story to life in an captivating and vibrant way.  Jacob’s relationship with Sarah (a childhood friend and soul mate) gave the book an element of hope, all I wanted from the very first page was for them to get together. It was another one of those relationships where they seem to be afraid to break the friendship boundaries although I can understand that Jacob definitively had other things on his mind.  Their relationship also acted as a reminder to me as to what his life could have been like, making it even more heartbreaking and intense.

I also really liked the flashbacks in between some of the chapters, they were insightful and heartbreaking.  It was fascinating to get a glimpse into Jacob’s reasoning as he tried to uncover who would purposely want to hurt him.  These reinforced that he was driven through paranoia because the reader could instantly tell his reasoning’s were doubtful and held no concrete evidence.

The honest representation of loss and traumatize made the story line extremely powerful.

Do you like books that are incredible intense that you cannot stop reading? If you answered yes then you should definitely go check out this book because not only did it bombard my mind with paranoia and doubt but it also captured my heart and soul, making me sit on the edge of my seat while reading.

Here is the link to the book on amazon …You can purchase it for only £1.99. It will be an amazing £1.99 spent if you go and check it out.  It is an absolute page turner so go check it out.

I would rate this book 4 out of 5. 


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