Priscilla West review

surrender_1_v3-187x300 surrender_2_v3-187x300 surrender_3_v3-187x300.

I was given these books for free, in order to cast my honest opinion, they also kept popping up as an advert on facebook and it intrigued my attention (ah the power of marketing). I like to be open minded, so I thought I would give this genre a try…(again) so with no further delay, my thoughts…..

The first book follows the lives of Kristen and Vincent as they meet and intrigue each other, while Vincent is persistent in gaining her attention, Kristen tries to deny her desires in order to remain professional due to the fact her company have just taken on CEO Vincent as a client. Book two and three continue to follow their lives together as they face some difficult challenges. Although one and two are written from Kristen’s point of view, book three contains some insightful glimpses into Vincent’s mind as the narrative shifts to his point of view.

It is obvious what is going to happen within these books from the first chapter, with regards to the relationship between Vincent and Kristen, yet for some reason I continued to read. I easily flew through these books, they were not complex or difficult to read so it only took me two days to read all three. I am not saying the lack of those qualities gives the books a negativity, I just think they were really easy to digest. A nod to busy houswifes, who may be the intended purchaser..

I have explored books such as  Fifty Shades of Grey and Bared to You  and I just felt like those books were not original; it was the classic, he is a rich man, she is a working girl who is aiming to prove herself.  They both have things to hide blah blah blah. I just felt like something was seriously missing from this series and I was hoping that it would happen as the series concluded, which is why I decided to continue to read, however I was sadly disappointed.

I know this genre can be spectacular and I personally do not read them for the sex aspect, as an aspiring writing I am intrigued by how the writer deals with this topic.  I first read Fifty Shades because it was  a Twilight fanfic and if you know me, you know I adored Twilight, making me fascinated with the twist within the story and how the writer morphed the original characters to fit within her story.  To be honest I do not really digest the sexual elements from these stories because when I read them I am just like ‘lalalala…why am I reading this? So, maybe it is my fault for feeling like something is missing from this series but I didn’t feel that way about Fifty Shades or Bared to You. Perhaps it is because I read those first? I just really like to find something postive within books.

I thought the writing style of these books was really great, it was enticing and extremely descriptive so please do not think of Priscilla West negatively.  Give her a go and see what you think… I would recommend reading them back to back because the following book picks up exactly where the last one left off.  (I honestly think that it was not necessary for the story to be split into three book, one would have worked perfectly fine.)

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