‘More than Love’…review…

tumblr_m4a3wdtcrP1rw1gfio1_500_zpsxnmc2hup I was lucky enough to be sent the story ‘More than Love‘ by Jennifer Siis and although I did not know what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised by the unique and inspirational message that was portrayed through the beautiful words she placed delicately on the page. This book is about Jennifer’s  journey on self discovery, so I found myself questioning and reflecting back on my life. Each chapter brought with it  a new sense of achievement and I found the pulsing narative very motivating.  I felt like I was also on the journey with her  and saw each chapter as a self improvement guide and even found myself underlining certain phrases that I could use as quotes  to inspire myself. I felt that the narrative represents  the awakening of self, encouraging everyone to delve inside themselves in order to find out the real purpose of their life.   When I asked the author what she would like the reader to take from the books, she stated that she wanted people to reflect deeply on their own lives. While reading this book, I did this through forcing myself into Jennifer’s situation and asked myself the questions she was. I think when reading her book, the reader should keep an open mind and interact with the words in order to fully appreciate them and take happiness, warmth, inspiration and motivation from them. I also asked Jennifer to summarise the book in 3-5 words, to which she stated,  “It takes more than love, because in order to find my calling, and my deeper journey in my life, I had to stretch and go beyond what I thought was love, and what I thought was living. ” I think that people should go and check out this book, it is full of passion and oozes inspiration. If you are interested, go to www.likeaflower.ca  to find out more about the book and you  can even purchase it there as well. I am so thankful to Jennifer for trusting me to review her beautiful words, thank you, and know I am forever inspired…

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