Reviewing poetry…

Luis Cabrera is an intriguing poet who forced me to feel the raw and deep emotions he wrote, each line oozed with overwhelming emotions that sucked me in. I have not read such raw poetry since Sylvia Plath (and my dad’s poetry). I am not normally one to explore poetry outside of my studies but I find both of these books; insightful, intriguing and captivating so it has opened my mind up further to the acceptance of poetry. I really do like emotive poetry like Plath’s and Larkin’s which make me appreciate the emotional input from the poet. My favourite one was this one… Talk is Cheap Red temper, slow progress Blue level, more money Hateful mind hate themselves Beautiful minds are blessed even in hell If anything remember this Talk is cheap Love is deep Now what are you preaching? Are you a vegan eating meat discreetly Do you worship God and claim to be a Christian Yet you sin at a dirtier rate than me Talk is cheap However the proof’s in the pudding So let’s dig in Pass the spoon as I dig my way out of this hell Shawshank redemption? More like depression redemption I want to be on cloud 9 Not on this blue cemetery Life’s too short to be sad in a prolong period So starting today, I´m running for safe Get out of this hell and go to a better place Although talk is cheap, so just judge my art for what it is An intelligent mind is dangerous in the hands of a sinner That is a glimpse into which wonderful words Luis deliberately places on the page in order to express himself, so if you want to discover more please go and check out his books because they are worth every penny. 31-nb+KkZfL If you would like to buy this one, go here… 41OIiML2kkLIf you would like to buy this one, go here…

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