First of all, I just want to say that this time it was not my fault…

Blame my mother.

She did it, okay?

Not me!



My mum send me a message today saying she bought me some books! She went to a charity shop and picked me up some really nice books and it only came to Ā£4! Four Pounds! When she said that I had a complete Harry Potter (reference to picture) moment. Tea is now everywhere. Below are the titles of the eight books purchased for Ā£4.

  1. About a Boy by Nick Hornby (limited edition one)
  2. Parzival by Wolfram Von Eschenbach
  3. Shakespeare’s England (life in Elizabethian and Jacobbean times)
  4. Rudyard Kipling- The Complete Verse
  5. The Thirty- Nine Steps by John Buchan
  6. Libra by Don Delillo
  7. The poet Wordsworth
  8. Dictionary of Literary Characters by Chambers

So as of yesterday I have 13 new books, wooo!


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  1. Parzival is a good read, although some versions have quite a few pages if descriptions of banners and crests and so forth but a good take on the grail myth. I must go find my faded copy now. Some excellent choices, your mum has taste.


  2. I wish my mum would buy me books… She did, when I was younger. My parents were so thrilled that I liked reading that they pretty much bought me every book I wanted to read. As I grew older though, my mum sort of started to refuse to buy me book and only to pay for my clothes, since she doesn’t think I have enough xD
    Then I moved out, and now she only pays for train tickets, so I can come and see them.


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