Heartbreaking books…

(This is another post from my University blog, I decided to post this because I thought it would give you an insight into my personality.  I am a nerd, okay? And sometimes I just like to silently cry into a book. )

First thing you need to know about me is that I am a crier.

I can literally cry at anything; from emotional television adverts to powerful writing, grabbing at me from inside a book.  I am also one of those people that although I know I will end up on the floor curled up and crying. I continue to both watch and read these heart wrenching narratives.

These tear jerking narratives pulling and pulling at my heart string, making me feel connected to the characters before the author aggressively pulls out my heart completely.

As I mentioned I am a sucker for an emotionally compelling book and within this post I am going to confess the two most recent,that truly broke me.


1.The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. 

This book…ahh…this book shattered my heard into a trillion pieces, in the most beautiful way possible. I read this book in one sitting, completing it in four hours.  I think the reason the ending of this book hurt me soo much, was the fact I felt connected to the characters and their unique attitudes to death struck me and gave me hope that everything would be okay. EVERYTHING WAS NOT OKAY. I remember once I finished this book; I led on the floor sobbing while contemplating life. If you have read this book, can you relate to this? If you have not read this, stop everything, go find a copy and read it. It truly is a beautifully heart-breaking novel that portrays the necessity of suffering through the eyes of its protagonist Hazel Grace.


2. Allegiant by Veronica Roth

This book is the third instalment in the Divergent trilogy. Veronica Roth crushed my heart. She made me admire, fall in love and relate to the main protagonist Tris and then set me up to fall deep down into despair. When I read this book, I was naive in thinking that reader and author had an unspoken rule that never- under any circumstances was it okay to kill off a main character…BUT NO…it happens in this book and it will ruin you.  The magical thing about these books is that they get people invested in the characters in such a wonderful and delicate way that you cannot resist falling for them. Once again, after I finished the final page I was left curled up and pondering ‘WHY?’ left sobbing and begging for answer.


I love these books because they left me thinking, reflecting and feeling deep emotions. It baffles and amazes me that words have the power to do this to someone and show them pieces of society that they have not witnessed themselves. I am always eager to learn, which makes me really proud to be an active reader because I felt like I travelled on their journeys alongside them; watching as both female protagonists grew and learnt new aspects of themselves. I admire and respect that way in which John Green opened my eyes to the suffering that goes hand in hand with cancer because it make me grateful for everyday that I am happy and healthy.

I think that both of these books changed the way I think and act today because although they are just books on the surface, when you read them they grasp you and force you to self-reflect.

You can buy them below by clicking on title- 

The Fault in Our Stars 

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