April Favourites ’16



  • Urban Decay – Makeup setting spray
  • Mac Lipstick – Ruby Woo
  • Mac Lipstick – Lady Danger
  • Collection – Lasting Perfection
  • Rimmel London– Lasting finish concealer
  • MUA – Undress your skin (Shimmer Highlighter)
  • O.P.I– All Stars collection
  • Technic– Contour Stix

I recently went on a makeup shopping spree and have been loving my new products!!

Ever once and a while, I switch up my foundation to explore different ones. For the last few month’s I have been using Superdrugs own brand – B. Radiant foundation but I decided to switch up my foundation and after spending nearly an hour in Superdrug- staring at different foundations, I decided to try the  LASTING PERFECTION ONE.  I LOVE IT! It is also quite cheap! So yay!


I have also been loving my two mac lipsticks!!!! I am sucker for a good red lip. It is my ultimate favourite colour, which I wear alll year round.  Do not get me started on the highlighter, I actually think I am in love with it. It so shiny and beautiful. Mmmmm I love it soooo much!

Do any of you use these products or suggest any you think I would like? Trust me, this is not the whole content of my makeup bag, if you would like me to explore more makeup I can/wil- just let me know.  I can also show you my daily routines, etc.









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      1. Aw thank you so much, lovely! I completely understand, I still am scared sometimes, but if you want to do it sometimes it’s easier just to take the plunge and see how it goes, see if you like it! Good luck!

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  1. What did you think of the concealer? I have it at the minute and it really can’t make up my mind about it?! It covers well for a few hours and then goes kind of patchy on my skin. I also find its quite difficult to get the product out of the pot, I have to rub my brush into it to get anywhere. X

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    1. Do you put it on after or before your foundation? I can totally relate to what you are saying, it’s one of the best I’ve had but I will have to try more 💖 I also have to use my fingers to apply and it wasn’t going on my brushes in the desired way x

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      1. I usually put it on after my foundation. What about you? And yeah I struggle to find one that I like, and some days it works great if I only need it for a few hours. I’ve not tried with my fingers yet but I’ll give it a go see if it’s any better 🙂 x

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