Trying different looks…

I am currently avoiding revision for my Middlemarch exam…well you could say, I am taking a break. (secretly hiding and avoiding the responsibility of my degree) It will be okay though, once I have published this, I will go back to intense revision.

So, people always say that in your twenties you discover who you really are and find your style etc. So I have been experimenting with my  look; most of the time you will find me in a  dress or skirt, paired with some sort of long sleeved top and cardigan and my make up is normally pretty standard (unless on a night out, where my best friend ‘red lipstick’ comes out). .

But, as I mentioned I have been experimenting …so without further ado…these are the looks so far.

As I said in my last blog post, I am a massive fan of a red lip.

Red lip all the way!

 Due to the fact, I love the red lip I thought I would try out a purple and I became obsessed! It is one of the gloss lipsticks that dry matte and it is delightful. Absolutely delightful. It is super easy to apply and stays on for ages, which is something I find difficult to find in a lipstick.

13165946_1296857490327581_7670354127693783559_n The purple lip can be seen on the right in the picture above. ALSO, lets just take a moment to appreciate how lush my flat-mates makeup looks; she definitely pulls off the red lip. She looks amazing.  I do love this lipstick and the best part about it, is that it is super cheap. I will find the link to it on eBay for you guys, but it is like £2 and amazing. I loved it so much that I went on to order more colours of the same brand.

12439100_10208152070613509_3214231326042447698_n Here it is on another day, what do you think of it?  

On the opposite side to this dramatic look, I went on to try a pinky/orange lip…My hair was also grey, so I did not want to overwhelm my look.


Then I went on to try blue hair, lasted a few days and then I got bored. (The grey picture is taken before the top two, after trying grey and blue I chopped off a few inches to make my hair healthier).


We are back to the red lip again, it is weird because when I don’t wear eyeliner and eyeshadow I feel a bit naked but recently I have been trying to focus more on my lips. This lipstick is the Mac ‘LADY DANGER’



Finally, we conclude, to the look I love the most. I loved my hair in milkman braids. (Even if you cannot see them) I took inspiration from Zoella’s video a few years ago…


I am also wearing the Mac Ruby Woo  lipstick, which I looooovvveeee.

Now for the eye in this look-  I always use Superdrugs – Revolution- eyeshadow palette – Flawless.


It is £8 and I use it all the time, so it is definitely worth the money. One day, I will purchase an Urban Decay Palette but until that day comes I will continue to use this. It is a lifesaver. I mostly use the glittery gold colour on the bottom row, four along on the centre of my lid and then blend it with the brown (the first one on the bottom row) and the shimmering pink on the top row (second along)

Those brows though, just for £7.99 I created brows that I loved. I have a thing for good brows and because I am blonde I find it harder to succeed but this palette gave me everything I could possibly desire. It even comes with a highlight – yay extra bonus.


Have you got any makeup products you would recommend? I am happy to try, I will experiment more.


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  1. I love this post! I’ve recently been trying out different looks myself and getting much more into makeup and hair. You look great. I have the contour palette by makeup revolution which aside from being slightly too dark for me is amazing. Do you recommend the eye shadow? Also I feel you about eyebrows when you’re blonde! I use the nyx tint and frame brow pomade in blonde which I’m in love with. I might give the palette you have a try as my nyx can occasionally look a little muddy if you put too much product on. Xx

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    1. Yeah I absolutely love the eyeshadow palette and it is only £8!! I will have to check out the NYX tint, when I have used it up the one I have. It always hard to get the brows to the perfection that I want them haha xx


  2. You really suit bold lips, they look amazing, red lipstick is my best friend too! Thank you for this post, I have been looking for a brow kit that includes a highlighter (high-street brand) so, I will be sure to give this ago. I can recommend Revolution- Girls On Film eye shadow palette. Xx

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