Revision make up look…

img_1259 My favourite products are being used again, they are just working really well for me at the moment. Don’t judge me on how dirty my brushes are, when my exam is done tomorrow, I will clean them…Promise! For this look, I only use the brushes below but I am slightly obsessed with buying makeup brushes. img_1258

I am quite an insecure person, so I wear makeup not for anyone but for me. It makes me feel a lot better about myself and when revising I don’t want the insecurities to invade my mind and preoccupy my mind. I know it sounds stupid, but if I feel okay on the outside, I feel ready to concur the world. 
This good thing about this look is that it doesn’t take long! The braid takes like 5 minutes and it looks amazing and the makeup took half an hour.


I know it would be easier to just leave the house barefaced but I fidn that really difficult, so I would rather spent 40 minutes of my day applying make up that gives me confidence instead of spending every second anxious that people are laughing at my non pefect skin.


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  1. This is really natural look! Looks very effortlessly chic. I shall try it out when I go out next time, but I doubt my braid would stay with my layered hair. A little suggestion, maybe some tinted lip balm will bring out your perfect lips 😉


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