Pinterest wish list…


So, being a student means one thing – I always seem to be poor. In order to get rid of my aching desire to shop away my student loan, I just make boards on Pinterest and dream about all the stuff I want.




How lush are all of these sunglasses? I need them all in my life…like right now!!



I keep meaning to pick up the NYX Copenhagen soft matte lip cream and the lip liner. I absolutely love this colour.


I need this NOW! It is soo pretty, the colours are majestic and make me want to get creative with my eye makeup. I love it when brands like Urban Decay and Mac bring out themed makeup that coincides with an upcoming movie.

Which leads me to my next wish list item-


The cinderella M.A.C collection. I wanted it last year and this year I NEED it. Pleeaaassseee!!

Check out my makeup boards on Pinterest to see more looks, that I want to achieve and more products I want own.

Makeup Board 

Makeup and Hair Board 

Some Clothes- 


According to the Harry Potter sorting hat on the website, I am in Ravenclaw. When I little, I always dreamed of being in Gryffindor but I am to be in Ravenclaw because it links me to traits such as; intelligence, wit, wisdom, creativity, originality, individuality and acceptance. Oh yeah, that’s me alright.




I love cute outfits like this; if you wanna see more of my style- look at more of my Pinterest boards below.


Summer Board 

Buy me these? (Board)

Outfits Boards

My Style Board 

If you use Pinterest, link it to me in the comments. I would like to see your boards and if you like mine, let me know.


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  1. What a cool place you have here! I am down with everything you picked out. The Cinderella lipstick collection makes me want to go to the mall!! 🙂 I have to catch up on housework and will dream about it instead.

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  2. ahah you are very funny, but you said the truth .. i’m a student, i’d like to buy a lot of things, beautiful things… oh my god but these sunglasses are fabolous 😍 i love it .. what is the name of the brand of the sunglasses? but i can only dream as you said i’m also a poor student 😦


  3. I love Pinterest too. I’m not a student but I only work part time and have too many other expenses to be splurging on things I don’t need but DESPERATELY want. Here is my Pinterest link or whatever.

    I already followed some of your boards. (Mostly clothes because I have an awesome fashion sense, at least I think so, but no money to put my own wardrobe together so I just hoard pins)

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  4. Aaaah the Alice palette is so beautiful! Also as a fellow Ravenclaw, I love that jumper! ☺️

    I’m also on Pinterest if you’d like to check my boards out!

    Great idea for a post, loved reading it! Xxx

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes! Tutorials and favourites videos make you want everything they use, since it looks gorgeous on them 💕

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