Characters I defend 

1. Bella Swan- The Twilight Saga – The first character I chose has to be Bella Swan. Ever since my twilight obsession days, I have always had to defend Bella and Kristen Stewart (they go hand in hand) everyone is always moaning about how miserable she was as a character. NO SHE WAS NOT MISERABLE -she was just shy and awkward okay? I absolutely loved Bella as a character because she was realistic and relatable. Woo team Bella. 


2.  Katniss- The Hunger Games- People also always complain about how stubborn and rude Katniss is as a character while loving Gale or Peeta. She is the one that everyone should love, she is the sixteen yeat old who saved everyone from a corrupt government. Katniss-the-hunger-games-movie-30426466-500-202.gif


3. Mia – If I Stay- I don’t why but people seem to hate Mia but I really liked her. Like Bella she was just a nice, normal and relatable character and I really liked that. I also really liked her commitment to music and her relationship with her parents made me want to be her. tumblr_n73nkacAAK1ru4tifo1_500

4. Amy Dunne from Gone Girl-  to be honest, I feel like I am the weird one here. I know I shouldn’t like her but I do. She is strong and independent and I love that. Due to studying Victorian Literature at University, I am use to dealing with submission women who rely solely on men and when I read this I was like ‘yesss, you go Amy’. I know she is a psycho but I really like her. What do you think of her?tumblr_inline_o2ferxLMpE1twmsno_500.gif

5. Rachel Watson- The Girl on the Train  by Paula Hawkins -Oh Rachel, many people do not like her but I really liked her. Yes, she had a drinking problem but she also suffered a lot. I know I say this a lot but I really wanted to jump into the book and help her. I wanted to hug her. She tried her hardest to survive the situation she found herself in.


It seems like I am defending all of the hatable characters but trust me, if you open your hearts to them, you will love them. Let me know what you think of them…do you agree or not?

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  1. I always find myself defending Bella too when I discuss Twilight with friends! Exactly: she’s just awkward and clumsy and shy, like most human beings. What’s wrong with that? Amy Dunne, though! ahahah, that’s a hard one to defend! But I have to admit she makes things happen! She’s the reason there’s a story at all, and I respect that, ahah! And I just loved Rosamund Pike’s performance in the movie. That’s exactly how I pictured Amy!

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  2. I actually quite like book Bella but wasn’t as keen on film Bella. I thought they cut a lot of her more likeable characteristics out of the film version. As far as Girl on the Train goes I didn’t really like any of the characters but I suppose out of everyone Rachel probably was the best (side note: I didn’t really like the whole book)

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      1. It probably wouldn’t have mattered who played her in the film as they’re never quite as I imagine them from the book.

        I always like the worst characters from books so I’m usually too embarrassed to defend them 🙂

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  3. Katniss and Amy are amazing characters, love them! I haven’t read The Girl on the Train yet but have a feeling I might like Rachel too.

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  4. I agree with you about Bella – I really liked the first book in the Twilight Saga (only one or two things wrong – and really, that’s just like every other book. I gave it a 4/5, I think) and I don’t think anyone should hate on her for that. A lot of people hate on her even though they haven’t read the book, which I just hate.

    As far as Katniss – I just finished the first book in The Hunger Games, and I can see why people might hate Katniss at first. I did too – she seemed suspicious of everything and very closed-off.
    As you continue to read, however, you find that it’s just her personality. When you meet her she’s very closed-off, but opens up as you get to know her (like her and Gale, for example) which I thought was very cool. I’ve never seen it done before – I felt like I knew her better because I saw her personality, rather than just read about it.
    And she has reasons to be suspicious. You learn that as she tells her story, and it all starts to make sense.

    Sorry for the long comment! I have so many opinions! (Some of which I had to edit so as not to make this TOO long).


    1. Love your comment, thank you ☺️yeah I agree with her being closed off, that’s what I quite liked about her. Yeah I look back on the twilight books and think they are similar to a lot of other books but when they were first released I was obsessed ☺️ feel free to leave me long comments, I’d love to hear more of your opinion

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  5. Amy was my favorite too. You couldn’t just pull off something so big without being kickass self!!
    But bella. I don’t know. She seems kinda too not from here kinda!! I felt like she a lower self esteem and I kind don’t like it when women go all desperate over one guy like he is the only thing that matters. They should havr their own life with the guy being just a part of it. Not absorbing her entire life!!

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  6. Hi there 🙂
    Thank you for the like on my lastest post! I’m still quite new to blogging so it made me really happy to see that there already are a few people who enjoy my posts 🙂
    This post of yours about movie characters you defend is really nice! I myself have been thinking the same about Twilight’s Bella and Gone Girl’s Amy and especially The Hunger Games’s Katniss! All three actresses, Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Lawrence as well as Rosamund Pike did a wonderful job in my opinion and really brought the characters to life in such an authentic way!

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  7. Love this post- we all have characters like this- for me it’s Celaena Sardothien. I’m not a fan of Bella, but I get that more than Amy Dunne- gosh that girl’s a psycho!!! But I do love Katniss- and would definitely defend her- not that she needs it!!

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