The Happiness Tag

Thank you to the amazing Hannah over @alluringalaskabeauty for tagging me. She is awesome, go and check her out. Basically, the tag is easy – all you have to do is list

  • 5 things that make you happy 
  • 5 songs that make you happy 
  • 5 nominees to complete the tag


1.Reading –I had to put this first because it means so much to me. Not only do I enjoy reading because it entertains me but I also use reading as a form of escapism and it has helped me out a lot in life. It might sound absolutely crazy but, by being able to connect with characters who are feeling the same as me or going through something in their lives which I can relate to- it makes me stronger as a person because it teaches me a way to organise my emotions. I also love buying books- old/new just give them to me!!

idiva_025.gif2.Spending time with my family&friends. – I do love my family/ friends and spending time with them makes me soo happy. Rekindling old friendships also makes me soo happy, my anxiety always makes me think that people hate me and I often pull myself away or push people, if I feel like I am bothering them. So, I also find it refreshing when I start suddenly talking to one of my old best friends and realise that actually,it wasn’t me that destroyed the friendship but in fact I was either overreacting or we had just had not spoken in a while. I actually sound pyschotic, sorry!

3.Pugs- I am actually obessed with pugs. They are soo ugly and adorable and I want to own like 10 of them haha… (I even have names- 1. Gerald, 2.Alan, 3.Ivy, 4.Ronnie, 5.Reggie and 6. Gastby) I nearly got myself one the other day but my landlord crushed my dreams and said I wasn’t allowed any pets but on the plus side, my mum said she will buy me one when I graduate.


4.EXPLORING- I love getting out of the house and exploring different places, I also love walking- so I just stick my headphones in and walk. 

5.You Guys- Every time one of you comments on my post or like them, my heart warms. I love you guys!!! I JUST WANT TO HUG YOU ALL AND SAY THANK YOU.  I gained like 600 followers in May and when I think about it, I wanna cry! Hahaha, so if you wanna be my friend- comment below.



  1. Unsteady by X Ambassadors  

This song doesn’t actually make me jump up and down in happiness but I am loving it at the moment and it feels me such strong emotions because it makes me think of ‘Me Before You’ as it is on the soundtack.

2. Bonfalleralla by Afasi och Filthy

This song makes me think of ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ which I am still obsessed with  and it makes me think about my trip to Amsterdam for my 19th birthday with my sister because we put a locket with our names on, on TFiOS bench. This is also a song that motivates me to push myself harder at the gym.

3. Money by Pink Floyd 

This song just makes me think of my childhood because my dad would always and still does (when I visit him or he comes to see me) blast Pink Floyd out of the speakers and I don’t know why but this one is my favourite.

4. Hands To Myself by Selena Gomez 

I listen to this song every time I am getting ready to go out, it just makes me soo happy.  I just like the beat to this song.

5. A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

Nostalgia- back to my TEAM EDWARD DAYS.  This song just represents a massive part of my life that gave me soo much joy.


(If you have already done it, its fine. I just tagged you because I love your blogs, go and check them out people. Also, if you want to do this tag , go ahead but please do let me know, so I can see  it AND if you want me to check out your blog… comment below.)

  1. @Clockworkbibliophile
  2. @notcapulet
  3. @Inkyspells
  4. @Driftinglexi
  5. @agirlrecommends   (cheating here) 
  6. @Thebander(b)log
  7. @Thenotsosecretlifeofafangirl

(forgive me for taggign two extra people, I am sorry!!)


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  1. That’s a very lovely tag! I would love to do this. 🙂
    The first song, ahhh. I just put her into my playlist on spotify. I’m inlove.

    Liked by 2 people

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