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  1. Travel- I want to travel around Europe…but guess what??? I have already booked it for next May, so May ’17. So, my flatmate and I are leaving straight after our third year exams and going around Europe for 5 weeks and then coming back just before our graduation day.
  2. Publish my writing- I know I publish my writing on here but imagine if I could actually get my writing published. OR A BOOK…AHHH A BOOK, OH MY GOD…THAT WOULD BE THE  DREAM.
  3. Do Camp-America// teach abroad // or an Au-Pair in America.
  4. Read  all of the books that I have been meaning to read for ages!
  5. Take self-defence classes..POW…I don’t need no man to protect me.
  6. Take my sister on holiday – she always looks after me and one day I will pay her back and surprise her.
  7. Buy a pug!!
  8. Move into my own house…(bye-bye University flatmates)
  9. Do my Masters. 
  10. Meet a top author//or go to a book convention.





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  1. Can’t wait to do this!! Travel is probably going to be top of my list too, as well as buy my own house. I’m going to have to really think about some of the others!

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  2. Great list. How sweet of you to want to take your sister on holiday. Book conventions are a blast. I usually opt for RT, since it is still huge, but not as overwhelming as something like BEA. You will remember it always.


  3. Some writing contests (if the site is teamed up with a publisher) will publish your entries in a magazine.

    I recently entered a writing contest hosted by The Write Practice & Wordhaus, and so my short story entry will be published in their magazine.

    Just wanted to let you know, since I was pretty amazed at this information myself.


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