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  1. Travel- I want to travel around Europe…but guess what??? I have already booked it for next May, so May ’17. So, my flatmate and I are leaving straight after our third year exams and going around Europe for 5 weeks and then coming back just before our graduation day.
  2. Publish my writing- I know I publish my writing on here but imagine if I could actually get my writing published. OR A BOOK…AHHH A BOOK, OH MY GOD…THAT WOULD BE THE  DREAM.
  3. Do Camp-America// teach abroad // or an Au-Pair in America.
  4. Read  all of the books that I have been meaning to read for ages!
  5. Take self-defence classes..POW…I don’t need no man to protect me.
  6. Take my sister on holiday – she always looks after me and one day I will pay her back and surprise her.
  7. Buy a pug!!
  8. Move into my own house…(bye-bye University flatmates)
  9. Do my Masters. 
  10. Meet a top author//or go to a book convention.





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