Cheap and cheerful… 

I’ve spoken about these before but I am currently in the process of ordering more because I love them soo much and though I would share it with you guys. Thank me later lovelies.

So, I’ve got two shades at the moment- the left one is #33 and the right one is #28. 

I am wearing #33 in the picture below. 

Then, I am wearing shade #28 in the picture below.
The filter makes it look a little bit darker than it actually is, so it is in between the picture above and the picture below. I wish I had a flower crown like this snapchat filter and that my skin was that perfect. 


Also they last sooo long, like they don’t smudge away but last forever. Seriously, I went out last night for my friends birthday and I woke up this morning and my lipstick was still in tack. (I know, I know…I should have taken my makeup off but I was super tired and drunk). Another perk to this super lush product is that the applicator is really easy to use and control.  It is also like the NYX matte lipgloss and Bourjois velvet. 


  • The brand is called menow generation II long lasting lip gloss. (I think) 
  • It’s £1.50 per one. You cannot go wrong with £1.50…bargain!! The buyer I choose has free delivery to the UK as well but you can pick where you want the product delivered.  
  • You can either search matte lip gloss- it goes on like a gloss but dries matte. It is delightful!  
  • Or you can search long lasting lipstick.  

I want to try a nude one or maybe be adventurous and try an orange. There are soo many options, they also have a deal where you but 4 and get 1 free.

  •   That’s £6 for 5 colours…wooooo!!! 

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