If you are anything like me you desire to read more but life gets in the way…or mostly Netflix. (Sorry, I just love a lot of TV shows.)  But I am going to try and motivate  us to read more.


  •  Always have a book with you, as Lemony Snicket once said “Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them.” Recently, I have been travelling a lot to London and to work everyday on the bus. So, I utilise the time spent travelling by reading my kindle or book.
  • If you are a morning person, wake up a little bit earlier and read a little.
  • Or…if you are anything like me, take advantage of your evenings and end your day with a book.  Apparently if you devote 15/20 minutes reading a day, you can easily read 20-30 books a year. Think of all of the books you could read, if you dedicated a few hours a day. WOW!!! 
  • You could also try an audio version of the book and listen while you everyday tasks.
  • Set yourself task…I, for example aim to read 115 books this year. If you want to set yourself a goal, get the Goodreads app. It’s a dream, because not only can you can set your own challenge but you can also view your friends challenges for motivation and//or recommendations.
  • Put your phone down.
  • Don’t pick Netflix over reading…I am guilty of this. Stop, don’t watch another episode…pick up a book.
  • Read in a peaceful place.
  • Read with a friend.
  • Give a book up if you don’t enjoy it, otherwise it will put you in a book slump.
  • Maybe set yourself book deadlines- for example I said I would read six books this month, meaning I need to read one and a half books a week.
  • Like the transport one – Utilise your other free time, I waste a lot of time. Honestly, I sometimes spend hours doing nothing and then look back and think ‘wow, that was stupid of me.’
  • Keep an open mind when reading.

Have you got any tips for me? Did you find these helpful?

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  1. I definitely agree with keeping an open mind! I see a lot of reviews where people say “I expected it to be like this…” “I’m disappointed because I heard it was like this …” Etc. I try not to read what people say about books because I want to form my own opinions. It’s probably why I’ve never given a book lower than a 3 star rating lol

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    1. Yeah definitely, I always try to ignore other people’s opinions while reading the book and I try not to let the author sway my reading (which is harder!) for example for some of John Green’s books I thought I have to like this but just didn’t 😭 I am like you though and like to find the positives xx

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  2. These are fantastic tips!
    Especially, I can relate with TV show or phone distraction. Sometimes it can be really bad..
    I will definitily try to look at these tips and it will give me a better motivation for books! (but there always be a space in my heart for books, always. )
    Thank you for the tips! 🙂

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  3. Loved this. I’ve been reading a lot more since I started always taking a book with me.
    Also, a lot of people don’t really watch tv anymore because of netflix and such but I do, so I always put the tv on mute during commercial breaks (which happen often) and read instead of randomly zapping around and waiting for the break to be over.

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  4. These are good tips! I’ve definitely been guilty of watching Netflix or YouTube instead of reading…which is sad, because I love to read!

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