Eeeepppp!! 18 days until I get to watch Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and words cannot describe how excited I am.


Harry Potter played by Jamie Parker. 




Albus Potter played by Sam Clemmett.                               
Ginny Potter played by Poppy Miller. 





Ron Weasley played by Paul Thornily. 


Hermione Granger played by Noma Dumez. 
Rose Granger-Weasley played by Cherrelle Skeete.


Draco Malfoy played by Alex Price. 
Scorpius Malfoy played by Anthony Boyle                   


Any of you going to see the play? Ahhhhhhh!!! I am soo excited.


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  1. So jealous you’re seeing this in 18 days – that’s awesome! Hope you have an amazing time 🙂 I’m seeing it too, but not until December, so I will have to hide away from spoilers for the next 6 months! So excited though 😀

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      1. Yes I have multiple times! I actually studied abroad there in the summer of 2012 for 9 weeks! I love it! Yea…hopefully that dedication hold out once the script is released! 😜 I’m loving all the promotional photos though so so excited!!


  2. Wahh! I’m jealous! 😦 Enjoy watching it and tell us what you can say about it! I’m gonna wait for a story! :))))))

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