1. Hardbacks all the way!

I prefer hardback book covers because I think they look lush on my bookshelf! I normally buy a book in softback (because they come out first) and then if I fall in love with it, I purchase it in hardback as well. I also NEED these Harry Potter books!! 



2.Beautiful book covers!

I know that you should never ever judge a book by its cover but I do and I am often influenced by the book cover. I am also an absolute sucker for limited editions of books that I cherish.  I love that book covers can express elements of the books!f-scott-fitzgerald-spinesbeautiful-book-covers4eba5638f09153171b2445d0762e6d36 JLP2013 - POST DIVIDER

3. Limited Edition books!

Following the previous point, I also need to stress my admiration for limited edition books, ESPECIALLY – if it is a limited release of one of all time favourite books. Signed copies also make me soooooo happy!



4. Getting hooked on a series!

I love anticipating a new release….ahhh! It is soo exciting, to be so involved in a fandom that you are really eager for the next book. I really enjoy the feeling of being a part of a fandom and feeling the buzz of excitement from everyone.



5. A perfect movie adaptation!

There is no better feeling than watching a beloved book be beautiful transformed to the big screen. I always feel a mixture of anxiety and curiosity before watching a movie adaptation of a book. At the moment all I can think about it how wonderful and perfect the adaptation of ‘Me Before You’ was.



  • What do you love about reading? -let me know in the comments below.
  • Do you agree//disagree?


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      1. I definitely needs a part two 🙂 How about, feeling like you’ve lost a friend when you finish a book or lurking around your bookstore waiting for the next instalment to come out

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  1. Love your Fitzgerald Art Deco book covers. My copies look nothing like that. I need to go look for them online. I love hardbacks and having something pretty to look at, but the last two years I’ve been buying a lot of ebooks because they’re cheaper. I also ran out of room in my office.

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  2. This is so accurate! Especially no. 4. There’s no better feeling than finishing a book you love and knowing that there’s more in the series.

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  3. the smell of books, new books that is.

    I also like books that look well read. I like it to look like it’s traveled with someone, maybe a corner of the front cover torn a little, folded at a corner. A few creases in the cover, creases along the spine.

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      1. Thanks for liking my ‘mechanical death’ post.

        Yea, I sometimes just sit and sniff books and people look at me like i’m mental. But it’s okay because my invisible friends comfort me.

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