T5W -15th of June

Favourite Literary Fathers/Father Figures

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme created by Lainey from Gingerreadslainey. Each week there’s a different book related topic that requries you get to list your top five books related to the topic.

So, without further ado-

  1. One has to be Arthur Weasley from Harry Potter, he just has a special place in my heart. tumblr_myu0049Tjt1seiy98o2_r1_500.gif
  2. Two has to be Sirius Black from Harry Potter. Ah, Sirius! 


3. Haymitch Abernathy from The Hunger Games. I know some might disagree with me here but come on, in the end his sarcastic nature worked well with Katniss and I for one, adored him. 


4. Hagrid from Harry Potter – He was always the friend that Harry Potter needed and he provided him with the guidance he deserved. I am sorry for bombarding this tag with Harry Potter references but I adore them. I just want to hug him, always! 


 5. Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird


Comment below if you agree (or disagree)

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  1. So many great father figures in Harry Potter! Haymitch is someone I would have never even considered as fatherly but when I think about it I agree with you, he cared for those two in his own crazy way.


  2. What a great selection, father figures are definitely my favorite, especially those that have an aura of mystery. I definitely have to agree with Haymitch. Even though he was struggling against his own demons, he helped Katniss and Peeta fight against theirs.

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  3. These are all great. Atticus is my favorite here though. Gregory Peck nailed the part of Atticus Finch! We were lucky enough to take a trip to Harper Lee’s home town, where her inspiration came from, and were able to see the play and the courthouse, etc. That Atticus was amazing too, I swear that he was channeling Peck.

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  4. I thought the way Rowling showed the difference between Weasley and Black in terms of what they allowed, how they interacted with the children and there individual levels of selfishness was amazing.

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