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A while back I wrote about how I was going traveling and thought I would expand a little. 

So, next year (2017) in May – my flat mate and I will be setting off interrailing for five weeks. Time wise, it will be straight after our third year university exams and just before our graduations. 

Wooooo…might actually have a tan for graduation! (Probably not, I am pale af!) 

I really hope the fact that the UK have left the EU wont ruin the experience and make it more complicated. I voted remain by the way, so I was heartbroken the next day! 


 These are all of the places I am going!! Any reccomendations on the places? Do you live there? 

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  1. Aaaah! I wanted to do interrail this summer but my plans got crossed because I didn’t get holidays from work :/
    I have been to Berlin, Prague and Barcelona, the latter one was my favourite, it is such a beautiful city. Berlin is amazing too, especially the food there since it is so multicultural and original. Prague is a small, nice city with a special character.
    Have fun on your trip πŸ™‚

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  2. I’m hoping to travel Europe in a few years when my boyfriend graduates so I just wanted to know if you booked this via the interrail website or did it all yourself? Still trying to figure out the best way to do it! X

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    1. I did it through a website called ‘euroventure’ it’s good because all you have to do it put a rough date in and then pay a deposits. Then, after that you can pay monthly or not. As long as you pay it off 10 weeks before you depart. πŸ’–

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  3. You’ll have an awesome time! Make sure you go to the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, that is an amazing experience. Paris is beautiful too. In Rome and Florence, since they are big tourist cities, try and go into the backstreets when you eat, a big hint that the restaraunt is overpriced and probably not that good is if the menu is in English, if you find a restaraunt but don’t understand the menu, just use google translate. Have an awesome time!

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  4. ahhh, dream travel! You are so lucky to have a chance to visit these all countries, I hope that I will do that one day. πŸ™‚ But I hope you’ll have a perfect time enjoying! β™₯

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  5. Wow you’re doing something really similar to what I’m doing this Autumn! I’m interrailing from Bucharest to Paris – ten countries (at least!) in 6 weeks (again, at least). How much are you planning in advance? I’m still debating what I should book and what I should just figure out as I go.

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  6. Hey, how did you got about organising this? That’s something I’d love to do! πŸ™‚


  7. I did something similar in 20 days through 4 major cities (Rome, Paris, Berlin, Vienna), in November last year. My first advice that comes to mind after that experience is to find cheap flights instead of travel by train or bus. If you are to stay 2 or 3 days in each place you will soon realize time is too much a luxury to be losing on trains between destinations. The is just my opinion. I wish you a great and safe travel, also a successful graduation after ;).


  8. omg! That’s such a great trip. I mean France and Italy are stunning and I absolutely love everything about Amsterdam. Try and hire out a bike when you’re in the ‘dam cos there’s no better way to see the city! If you get stuck choosing what to wear for Amsterdam, check out my blog, I wrote about easy fashion tips a few months ago. Have a great time (in 2017)!


  9. Hi, I have visited Paris, Berlin, Prague, Budapest, Venice and Barcelona in the past year and they are all amazing! I did an inter rail trip last summer and it was the best decision. I didn’t do all of these cities in the same trip but there is plenty to do in all the cities for free and the walking tours (esp by Sandemans New Europe) are really good! Prague and Budapest are quite similar x

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  10. Amazing route- I went to a lot of the places on your list when I was interrailing last summer. The thermal baths are a must do in Budapest! The petrin tower in prague has a beautiful view of the whole city and Prague’s dancing club by the riverside in my opinion is the best nightclub in the whole of Europe.


  11. Wow!! Have a great trip and take care. This list is also my bucket list that I really wish to visit in the near future.

    Can’t wait to see your pictures and story of your trip πŸ™‚


  12. When you visit Venice make sure you have a chance to take a little boat trip to the nearby islands; Burano and Murano!
    They’re both so beautiful and picturesque! Sounds like you’re getting some amazing cities in your trip!Hope you have a lovely time, make lots of memories, and stay safe! πŸ’›

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  13. I am heading to Vienna next week I hope is a nice trip.
    You should check out my blog. Traveling the world by escalator. It’s something everyone can relate to

    Keep up the good posts

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