I’ve moved house 🏡🏠 

 …and the best part (other than spending time with Jode, my flat mate again) is having FOUR, oh yeah FOUR bookshelves. 

This one is my series bookcase. The Harry Potter and the Cursed Child thing is the program from the play. Still not over how emotional and amazing it was. 


Next up is the ‘classics’ bookcase! (Sorry about the blurry picture). This bookshelf is full of most of my classic books. 

The next two are mixed, mostly young adult books and mystery thrillers like ‘Gone Girl’!!  

 This one is organised into authors and genres mostly. 


How do you organise your bookcases?📗📕📒📙📘📚 (once again sorry for the blurry pictures but you get the idea)

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  1. I love the way you use all the available space. I do the same, books stacked flat = more books, win win. I also sort by genre and all same author together. Series must be in order too. The rest of the house is untidy but I can always find whichever book I want straight away.

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  2. Woop! I see the massive Jane Austen companion there; I have the exact same one! 😀 Love looking at these pics! I still need to take pics of mine. After cleaning up the mess in here…

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  3. I’m incredibly envious of all of your shelf space. I just moved today to a new flat and not only are they all full, but there are no spare shelves. I will be in the charity shops every day!


  4. major book goals! I wish I had these many books…<3
    on an average how many books do you read in a month?


  5. OMG!!!! you got beautiful collections. I AM BOOK NERD TOOO AND I loved all your collections and how you arranged it. So beautiful. 😍


  6. You have bookshelf goals! I am so jealous, especially because you have a lot more books than me (or at least it looks like you do). I currently have about 250. Plus your series, and I seem to have a lot more random stand alones, because I get a lot of my books from charity shops. Hope you settle in nicely, have a lovely day/night – depending on when you’re reading this!


  7. As someone who’s book obsessed too your blog looks awesome! I see many books here that I have too. I need shelves, I have books stacked everywhere….and beyond 😮
    You might check out Listal.com. That’s where I list all my books and collections and it’s a fun place 🙂

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  8. We’re a family who love reading so our bookshelves groan under the weight of books and more books. They had a good beginning and that meant neat and ordered shelves and books in series of genre, author et al. When it finally came to finding space for more books, (confession here) the neatness went out the window and the piles grew above the bookcase and all the way to the ceiling. Our problem is that we LOVE our books and cannot part with them and yes, we have a number that have the author’s signature.
    My dream is to have a large library room with floor to ceiling books and 360 degrees of them AND a cosy nook that I can curl up blissfully in and hide away and read in peace. Wouldn’t that be the ultimate! 😋🌹

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