I recently treated myself to a birch box subscription and I LOVE IT! When I signed up, they had a promotion on where you would get two boxes in July (due to receiving one for June as well). 


Basically if you don’t know, ‘Birchbox’ is a monthly subscription of beauty products for only £10. (plus £2.95 for shipping) and wonderfully each month you get to explore new products that you necessarily  would not try because of price or scepticism.  What I love the most about these products is the enigma…oh the mystery… because although you fill out the information which describes your hair, face type and beauty experience- what you receive every month is a secret until you open the box.


Another thing that I love is that my sister and I joined together and each month we compare our boxes and get excited when they give us a choice of an extra gift. We always seem to pick the opposite product to each other.

If you click here and sign up you will receive 50 points on your account (which is basically £5 because when you get to 100 point, you receive £10 to spend in the shop. ALSO…this is why I thought I would bring it your attention, if you review the products you receive in your books, you get an extra £5 on your account.    


Would you like me to do a post on what I received in my JUNE, JULY and AUGUST boxes?

Do you already get the boxes?

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  1. I would love to see what you received! ☺
    the packaging’s beautiful. I wish we had these subscription box in my country.


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