Starting a new book. πŸ“š

I’ve decided to pick up a book to read today that isn’t a course book…yay! Recently, I have been reading a lot of intense pieces of literature that are critically acclaimed within the English Canon for my degree, so it is always lovely to just wind back with an easy read book.  

For those of you that have followed my blog for a while will know how much I ADORED ‘Me Before You’, so I thought I would pick up another one of JoJo Moyes books.  

  • Have you read any of her books, other than ‘Me Before You’ and ‘After You’?? Got any reccomendations?? πŸ™‹πŸΌ
  • Or any reccomendations for me.   


Hope you are all having a lovely day and I have exciting news…⭐️🌟 I am going to try and blog everyday in September, please encourage me- do you have anything you’d like to see on this blog ? ⭐️🌟 

9 thoughts on “Starting a new book. πŸ“š

  1. I’ve only read Me Before You and I loved it. Would like to read all her books eventually. Looking forward to hearing what you think about this one.

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  2. ahhh, ‘Me Before You’..that book gave me so much feelings. I LOVED IT SO MUCH. I haven’t read ‘After You’ but I really really want to.
    I hope you will like this book and let me know if you recommend it! ☺


  3. I definitely need to give this a read. Have you read Giovanna Fletcher books!? Billy and me and Always with love are brilliant. And always with love is a carry on book from Billy and me, so it’s nice when you know the story hasn’t ended xx

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