Lipstick wish listʉϬ

As mentioned on my previous post…I am OBSESSED with lipstick. 💄💋 The following brands and shades are the ones I hope will join my collection soon!  

                  LIME CRIME VELVETINE –

I already have – 

  • Suedeberry 
  • Pumpkin 
  • Jinx 
  • Beet It 


Bleached – 



Teddy Bear- 


Red Velvet – 

Wicked – 



I would probably never wear these but LOOK AT THEM 😍 I just want to look at them all the time because they are magical! I could wear them when I feeling extra or when I do extreme make up looks. (Am I just justifying them to myself??😂) 



                         NYX LINGERIE 

I already have 

  • Bed Time Flirt (4)
  •  Exotic (06)
  • Establishment (05)
  • Push Up.  (03) 

(So I need to complete the set right? 😏) 

For my bank account and impulse buying brain I need to stop now before I just order them all. I recently graduated so I’m really feeling the Treat ‘ya Self lifestyle at the moment. 

Do you have these shades? Persuade me 😏

*I do not own the pictures used due to not yet having purchased the products*  

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