I had a really positive response to the first post about my bookish habits…we are all a little weird and I LOVE IT. This is my second post and I love hearing what you reply, so please comment below and lets be weird and wonderful together.


Read part one here –

Here I discussed my impulse to talk to anyone reading a book, stifling a yawn with my book, hating on people who abuse books and my favourite reading location.


  1. Smelling books. New or Old I will give a book a cheeky little smell. Have you ever walked into a old vintage book shop and thought wow, it smells amazing. I wish they made candles in old book scent because I would burn that for daaayyyyssss. I always think old books smell well loved if that makes any sense at all. P.S. Early season Rory gives me life, she was a complete bookworm.giphy.gif
  2.  Leaving books scattered around the house. I am sooo guilty of this and it irritates my mum so much, she would always say she knew when I was back from university because she would just find books in random places. I need access to books at all times okay, what if something happened and I had to stay in that room…it would be okay because I would have a book with me.

rapunzel-books.gif  3. Always having a book on me.  I won’t leave the house unless I have a book with me. You never know when you will have a spare minute to read. Waiting for someone?-read. Early somewhere?-read. Unhappy?- Read. Bored?- Read. Legit the other day I went to Bath for the day with my best friend and I thought I would be early to the station so I grabbed my trusty version of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. 


4. Going on holiday and packing more books than clothes. THANK YOU KINDLE FOR MAKING MY LIFE EASIER NOW! When I use to visit my dad in Denmark over summer I would take like ten books for a week trip and SMASH them all. He would have to work somedays so I would just read in his apartment or walk to the park and read.  I still sometimes take physical copies of books with me but prefer to take my kindle nowadays because it is lighter and easier to carry. Although I prefer reading books over kindle books? what’s your thoughts on this matter?


5. Spending hours on end in libraries and bookshops.  Guilty again. I got spend an endless amount of time roaming the shelves in bookshops and libraries. Being surrounded by books fills me with a sense of comfort and belonging and I LOVE IT.

tumblr_o14lftvOZc1tzv1dpo1_500.gif 6. Talking about fictional characters as if they are real. I am a nightmare when it comes to this. They are real to me okay, they have touched my heart and now live in there. When I was going to my dissertation meetings my supervisor had to sit me down and advise me to stop writing and discussing the characters as if they were real. So…instead of writing Nick and Amy volitile relationship, I would have to write Flynn constructed the characters of Nick and Amy to give the illusion of a volatile relationship.Blah Blah Blah.


So here are six more reading habits of mine. Do you do the same? What do you think of mine?



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  1. Leaving books scattered everywhere, check. Taking literally hundreds on holiday, check. Taking a book everywhere, check. Spending far too long in bookshops, check.

    I think you’ve pretty much described me. I’m not so keen on sniffing books though. I get a lot of library books and who knows where they’ve been (I may be a germophobe though cos I’m funny about all things people have used or touched).

    Strangely though I now prefer reading on my kindle rather than an actual book. I love being able to highlight quotes and I love how they pull through to Goodreads so you can see them anytime.

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    1. Yay I’m glad you do these things ✨ hahah that’s fair enough, it does freak me out a little bit but I like the idea that they are loved. I go through stages of loving my kindle to not using it for ages ☺️ I do love that aspect of a kindle for sure xx


  2. I identify with every single one of these! I much prefer physical books to eBooks, although I do own a kindle, I always feel unmotivated to read the books on them! I love posts like this, they make me realise things I do as reader without realising πŸ˜…

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    1. Awh I’m glad! Yeah I totally agree, I have to be in the right mood to read on my kindle. I find that I have to read easy read books on there also instead of intense books…I like tightly gripping the physical copy. Haha I’m glad 😍😊 thanks for stoping by!


  3. I love the smell of books too. Oh my gosh. I also remember as a child, when we go on a travel, I always bring my fave book with me just in case we have an idle time or while we’re on the road haha 😁

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  4. Got to carry a book everywhere I go! Great post, really enjoyed it and recognised much of what you describe πŸ™‚

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