Makeup Storage.


How good does it feel when your make up is all organised and nicely presented? A-MAZ-ING, am I right?  How do you organise your make up? Leave me a comment below and let me know. I dream of having a dressing table in my future house…please-please-please!  I can’t right now because I am flittering between houses because I am living the student life right now.


So, for now I organise my make up like this. (well some of my make up, like my lipsticks and eyeshadow- the others are in my MASSIVE make-up bag.






I love this little storage thing, isn’t it preeeetttyyyy. 

27 thoughts on “Makeup Storage.

  1. So pretty! I also purchased a similar organizer at Marshalls. It is clear plastic and looks like glass. I keep my lipsticks, eyeliners, and lipliners in it. For my brushes I found this toothbrush holder with gold glitter. I think metal cups used for toothbrushes are perfect to store makeup brushes because they are taller and thinner than regular cups and usually have really nice deigns.

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  2. This morning, I was putting on foundation for work and laughing to myself. This foundation I use is new, but the one before I literally had from 2004 to 2016. I’m really low maintenance. But kudos to the ladies who can find the time to get this all setup. All I need is black eyeliner — and tonnes of it. I don’t know how to use much of anything else. 😂

    – Alexis Chateau

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