One of my obsession and has been for many years now is Harry Potter. In my defence who isn’t obsessed with Harry Potter? πŸ€”πŸ˜ When I was little (I can’t write that anymore without thinking of Louisa Clarke from Me Before You‘) I had Harry Potter everythannngg- bike, cloack, Nimbus 2000, figurines, towels….you name it, I had it. Evidently my Harry Potter transport was on point haha…

But you know, as I got older the merch started going to car boot sales and charity shops.. *Why mum…why???* Β In hindsight I should have kept it all but I didn’t.


But let’s not let that get us down because recently my sister went to Florida and got me a wand. Harry’s wand in particular…yaaaaaayyy! When I visit I am going to buy another one or two – cough cough- probabally all of them because I have no self control.

Behold – Harry’s wand. Am I the chosen one now because I feel like it?

  • Do you love Harry Potter? Is so, why?
  • Which house are you in?
  • Who’s your favourite character?

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  1. Oh my gosh, the Me Before You comment cracked me up. It’s so true πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I do love Harry Potter, I love the characters so much. I think that’s what attached me the most to these books and movies!

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  2. I’ve also been obsessed with Harry Potter since I read the first book, about 17-18 years ago. (That makes me sound old.) I love the books not only for the fun, fantastical stories, but for the life lessons I’ve gotten from them. Lessons about friendship, family, courage, love, loss, growing up, etc. The Harry Potter books have taught me so much and connected with me more than any other books I’ve read in my entire life. This is why they will always hold a very special place in my heart.

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    1. I love love love love love your comment. Every point you’ve made I can relate to and agree with. β™₯️ They really do teach you a lot of morals which I love because they last for a long time and make the stories stay with you forever. I remember my parents reading them to me and then I got older and could read them on my own ✨ who’s your favourite character/ characters!?

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  3. I love Harry Potter! It’s literally such a big part of my life, and I can’t imagine a world without the series. I’m a Ravenclaw and my favorite character is Hermione (honestly, Harry and Ron wouldn’t have even made it past their first year at Hogwarts without her)!

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  4. I am completely obsessed with Harry Potter!! I read the books at least once a year, and the films are my go to if there’s nothing I want to watch on TV (which is often!) I am a proud Hufflepuff, and of course, my favourite character is Hermione (although I am fond of Hagrid as well!) I don’t know where I would be without Harry Potter πŸ’›

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  5. I love Harry Potter so much. I am super obsessed with it. I have an entire shelf dedicated towards it on my bookshelf plus the box of knick knacks I have.


  6. I love Harry Potter! I’m not super obsessed though, just fairly obsessed. I love it because of just how magical the story is. Who doesn’t hope that there’s a secret part of the world where magic is common practise? I’m a hufflrpuff for sure, although ravenclaw would be a close second for me! I don’t have a specific favourite character, but I do really look up to Tonks! She’s an absolutely amazing character…


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