My weird (yet wonderful) bookish habit.

Recently I have been reflecting upon the weird things I do when I am reading or in my everyday life regarding reading and I thought I would share them with you. Maybe you can comfort me and let me know that I am not the only one who does them.

So, without further ado here are my weird book//reading habits.

  1. My favourite place to read is sat on a cushion, on the floor with my back pressed against a scorching hot radiator. Obviously I can and do read in other locations but this is where I feel the most relaxed.  I love having a cup of tea within reaching distance when I read, any kind – peppermint, green tea, normal tea. Where do you like reading the most?  

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  1. Whenever I am out and about and I can see someone reading a book that I love, this weird thing happens to me. I stop what I am doing and just stare at the person for a while; I try my hardest to look normal on the outside but on the inside I am screaming up and down with eagerness. I want to be their friend, I want to go 3up to the person and chat to them about the book and gain their opinion.   I know this is super weird but I would love it if someone did it to me, it would be slightly bizarre at first but then I would be like ‘yaaaaasss gurl, I love this book. ITS AMAZING!!’ Please tell me that at least one of you do this and that I haven’t gone completely crazy.



  1. I absolutely despise it when people bend the top of a page when reading as an indicator for where they got to. I will use ANYTHING and EVERYTHING before resorting to mistreating my book. The other day for instance, I didn’t have any paper in my bag so I quickly used my paracetamol packet instead to keep my page. Bookmarks can be so quirky, colourful and amazing…use them people…use them.


  1. Once facebook told me on a quiz, that I would meet my true love at a bookstore while reaching for the same book. Obviously facebook is 100% an accurate and reliable source, so I am waiting for the day to happen. Imagine it now…it has been a stressful day and I long for the comfort of a bookstore, I am in desperate need for the latest release and just when I am on the verge of giving up. I spot the last copy out of the corner of my eye, I run to the book in a socially accepting manner and just as my hand are about to clasp the book, a strong muscular arm collides with mine. *romantic instrumental music begins* as our touch creates sparks and we stare longingly into each other’s eyes.

So, number on my list is how I always think how romantic it would be to meet      someone as a bookstore. OR, I imagine myself into books where I date the main character.



  1. Forgetting I have hands when reading and stifling a yawn with a book. I read about someone else doing this the other day and I realized that I also do it. I am so intensely captivated by the book that instead of putting to book down like a normal human to cover my mouth while yawning, I just bring my book to my mouth and yawn.



This post made me sound crazzzy, absolutely bonkers. I have sooo many more weird (yet wonderful) book habits to share with you guys, but I didn’t want to overwhelm you and scare you away. But if you do like this post and want to hear more- please comment below and I a second post will follow.

Also, do you have any quirky things you do while reading?

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  1. Ha, this was a really fun list. I love that your book becomes an extension of your hands. 😉 You don’t sound crazy at all, just like a true blue book lover, and it’s GREAT. I can definitely relate to using random items as bookmarks!

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  2. I have brought my book or my phone(when I’m reading an e-book) to my face and yawned so many times.
    There’s a girl who sits in front of me on the bus, who I’ve never talked to, and she always reads of the bus. I’m always trying to see what she’s reading and I’m worried she thinks I’m a creep
    – Yasmin

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  3. oh my gosh, number 2 is so me! When I see someone reading a book I like on the inside I am just like: “I LOVE YOU! Be my friend! We will be best friends forever!” Loved this post 🙂

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  4. This is adorable!! I am have to drink tea when I read, it relaxes me and I’m obsessed! I totally yawn into my books too and I didn’t realize it until you made this post and put it on there lol.

    I totally wish my boyfriend and I met the way you just described because that would be the most romantic and best story EVER to tell.

    lol love this post!

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  5. Yesss, I feel you on #3. Memorize the page number if all else fails. I would be delighted if someone commented on a book I was reading
    A young patient recently came through with a copy of Raymie Nightingale and I freaked out bc I 💘 that book and author. An almost-unrecognizable look of surprise, and then excitement, passed between us as we talked about our love for Kate DiCamillo.

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  6. #2 and #5 are so me! Whenever I see someone reading on the bus, I secretly stare at them and just smile. I probably look creepy, but it makes me so happy seeing people read. I always stifle my yawns with a book. It’s just so much easier lol

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  7. Always gotta have tea to accompany a book! Agree with when you see someone with a book you like, just want to grab them and discuss the book and become best friends forever. And I’ve used my kindle as a bookmark before 😂

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  8. This is so true! All of them! My favourite place to read is actually in my bedroom on a specific chair that my parents bought for me FOR READING! And dog-earing pages is simply book abuse, bookmarks all the way!

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  9. I always have a nosey at what people are reading. There’s actually a homeless guy who I pass a couple of times a day who always has a battered paperback and I’m dying to know what it is.

    In terms of my bad habits, apparently I make faces when I read. A couple of people on public transport have asked me what I’m reading or if I’m enjoying it due to the expression on my face. Sooo embarrassing:)

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  10. A year late reply is better than no reply right? 😏 haha it’s always comforting to know people do the same things as you. I am going to make a part two of this post today and reveal some other weird quirks 😂


  11. ‘Forgetting I have hands’ this is so relatable and I didn’t even realise I forgot I have hands while reading too until you pointed it out haha. My heart definitely skips a beat when I see someone reading a book I love and then I stare at them long enough for it to be creepy 😂
    How cute would it be if you actually met your one true love at a bookstore??

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  13. I’ve noticed that whenever I buy a book before I start reading, I smell it. Why? I don’t know. Its like confirming, yes this is in fact a book cuz it spells like one.


  14. This is such a relatable post! Especially about using anything and everything as a bookmark, I’ve used a paracetamol packet too! As well as a tissue (unused of course, I could never do that to a book).


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