Have you ever suffered from a book hangover? I know I sure have.

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I few things I do when I have finished a book:

  • Become soo obsessed with the beautiful writing that you have to order EVERY other book the author has written.
  • After seriously looking a book I roam the internet for hours trying to find fandom communities for that book.
  • Long for a movie adaptation of the book and hope it is perfect.
  • Having a countdown on my phone until the release date of the book.
  • Although I am grateful for the book, I wish I could return back time and read it again. I envy those who have yet to discover the brilliance of the authors and narratives.
  • I force my friends to read the books so we can ‘fangirl’ together or have a debate.
  • Get obsessed with the characters within the books and the actor/actresses playing them in the film adaptation.
  • I realise I cannot completely escape within the novel, which makes reality suck.
  • I realise I will never get a boyfriends with all the qualities of my favourite boy characters.
  • I panic that I will never find another book that will fill my life with such joy
  • I become Matilda
  • I start to use book slang such a ‘Muggles’
  • I ponder how I will use my new vocabulary I learnt while reading the book in everyday life.

Have you ever felt any of those feelings after reading a book? Or anything else … please let me know in the comments below.

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  1. After reading The Maze Runner three years ago, I talked like the Gladers for two weeks without realising it. My friends got really annoyed.

    I tend to cry when I get a book hangover, because I so swamped in emotions from the book, both good and bad.


      1. haha thanks, I tend to get very severe book hangovers. After finishing Deltora Quest when I was nine, I cried for ages and refused to read any books for a few weeks because I didn’t think anything could compare… until I read HP


      2. HP is amazing! What house are you in? I’m a Gryffindor myself, though sometimes I think I might just like to be in Ravenclaw.


      3. If it was possible to be divergent in the world of Harry Potter I would be I think 😂 little mixture of them all however I would say Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw. However when I was younger I thought I was Harry Potter, so younger me would say Gryffindor 😂

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      4. Well if I put on the sorting hat I can just imagine it calling out “Oh, another Weasley, I know just what to do with you!”

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      5. Haha, it is a great job! Lot’s of free reading copies and a huge discount on books. Plus some of the customers say the most random things. I get to spend six hours a day discussing books, and we all dress up on author birthdays… a week ago I was Bilbo Baggins.


      6. I need your job! Its sounds excellent, i spend waaaay too much money on books but i dont regret it ❤️ I work at a cinema which is pretty awesome. Free cinema whenever i want and half price food. But I would still want your job ☺️


      7. It’s great! We all joke around and obsess over books, plus we swap books and recommend them to each other as well as customers. And then there are the times when the customers fangirl with us which is fantasic and hilarious. Plus we all own a copy of the book ‘Weird things Customers say in Bookshops” 🙂


  2. I get so many book hangovers… Its unbelievable.
    But I think the most embarrassing one happened in the school library. I had just finished reading The Green Mile by Stephen King, and I started crying in the middle of a full school library.
    The librarian had to come over and ask me what was wrong and when I told her I was emotionally attached to a book she just gave me a big hug.
    Probably the most embarrassing book hangover ever… 🙂

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    1. I really want to read that book! omg that sounds intense and so much like me after reading ‘The Fault in our stars’ however that was in my house not library. I just led on the floor for ages crying. Why do writers do this to us? (I secretly like it). The last book in the divergent trilogy also got me !

      Thank you for commenting 😀


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