Welcome to my blog, my name is Shannon.

I hope you find at least one blog post on here that you like. I really appreciate you checking out my blog because each and every post means the world to me. I use to think that I knew what I wanted to do with my life but now I don’t. I absolutely   adore books, so I would love to be able to work with them every day. 

I would love to interact with you and get your advice/criticism on my writing.  I love each and every person who reads my blog…

I really appreciate you checking out my blog because each and every post means the world to me. When I graduate university in 2017 I hope to become a journalist so I would love to interact with you and get your advice/criticism on my writing. THANK YOU. 

I am a 20-year- old student studying English with Writing at University in Bristol.


I really appreciate every single person who looks at my blog, let’s be friends. Comment away and I would love to get to know you.

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  1. I really identify with you! My name is Andrea, from Barcelona and I’m studying journalism, too. I’ve set up a blog about photography and current news from my sorroundings, and your blog is really inspiring! Go ahead 🙂

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  2. Dear Shannon,

    Thank you for liking my post!

    I searched you on Goodreads and found you there. Will it be ok if I add you as a friend on Goodreads? I love reading books and Goodreads is my constant companion. As we share this common interest I thought it would be helpful.

    You have done a good job with your blog and I like it. Keep it up!



  3. I Shannon, nice to meet you. I’m not a journalist, but did work something with a local newspaper writing articles and taking photos for one of their supplemental issues. It was fun, and looking back on it now, I wish I did go into journalism. The profession has such a broad range now.


  4. Shannon, thanks for visiting my blog today and leaving a like on my Blogging U “Pressing On.” I hope to see you more. Congratulations on your worthy goals. Forty six books so far in 2016. That’s some major reading time.

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  5. Thank you for liking my blog post. I am very happy you are an aspiring writer. With all the social media around, fewer people write seriously. And even fewer write well. I love that you live in England. I lived there 6 years and enjoyed it so much. I miss it. I live in America now. God bless your dreams.


  6. Thanks for the follow and the lovely comment! Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted it (don’t even know how I managed that!). But I appreciate the welcome 🙂
    And also, with the “bloggerverse” thing, I feel like blogging is a whole community or universe by itself and it needs a name! Bloggerverse just seemed so perfect in my head!
    Much love,

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  7. I really have enjoyed going through your blog. To say the least, your reading list is ambitious!!! Even though I have read some of them, I like the fact that I can work off of your list to make future choicest!! Great blog!!


  8. Hey! So I reached 500 followers on my blog and I am putting together a shoutout post to celebrate! I want to feature your blog and I was hoping to get some info from you! If you’re on Instagram as a book account or on Goodreads can I get your username to feature those accounts too? And if you could possibly provide a book recommendation or two that would be awesome as well! Thanks so much!
    Nicole ❤


  9. Hi Shannon,
    My name is Chuck and I am so glad to meet you! I really liked your about statement and your openness and desire to connect with everyone. That is so refreshing! Thank you for coming to visit me! Please come again. I am looking forward to your new posts.

    Here a a couple of books that you may find interesting:

    For someone who thinks Love is a great thing and wants to know more:
    “The Psychology of Romantic Love” something everyone should read.

    For keeping control of your life and finances:
    “Your Money Or Your Life”

    For those wanting to learn how to write great poetry:
    “Poemcrazy” I can personally attest the the fantastic impact this has had on my work.

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