• John Green- The Fault in Our Stars- Read my review HERE
  • Rainbow Rowell- Landline- Read my review HERE
  • Rainbow Rowell- Fangirl- Read my review HERE
  • Zoe Sugg- The Girl Online- Read my review HERE
  • Emily Bronte- Wuthering Heights- Read my review HERE
  • Priscilla West- Forbidden trilogy- Read my review HERE
  • Chuck Palahniuk- Fight Club- Read my review HERE

Books that were sent to me to review…

  • Densie Webb – You’ll Be Thinking of Me – Read my review HERE
  • Jennifer Siis –  More than Love- Read my review HERE
  • Ryan Fortier – Paranoia- Read my review HERE
  • Luis Cabrera – (Poetry x2)- Read my review HERE
  • Jeanne Bannon- Beautiful Monster – read my review HERE
  • Jayne Frost- Gone for You- Read my review HERE 
  • Kiera Cass- The Selection – Read my review HERE
  • Kiera Cass- The Elite- Read my review HERE
  • Kiera Cass- The One- Read my review HERE
  • Marie York- Mine- Read my review HERE
  • Jess Wright- Sparkling Stilettos- Read my review HERE
  • Louis Alan Swartz- Constructed of Magic- Read my review HERE
  • Matthew Selwyn – ****: The Anatomy of Melancholy review HERE   
  • Emma Young – She, Myself and I.
  • Dawna Walter – De Junk Your Mind.
  • Mareike Krugel – Look At Me.
  • Laura Dockrill- Big Bones.
  • Ruth Dugdall – The Woman Before Me.
  • Catherine Isaac – You, Me, Everything.
  • Ashley Dyer – Splinter in the Blood.
  • Lydia Ruffles – The Taste of Blue Light.
  • Cecelia Ahern – Flawed.
  • Cecelia Ahern- Perfect.
  • Helen Callaghan by Everything is Lies.
  • Rachel Lynch – Dark Game.
  • Christie Watson – The Language of Kindness.
  • A.L.Michaels – Prosecco and Promises.
  • Melissa Albert- The Hazel Wood.

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