Highlighter Galore ✨✨

I have six go to highlighters that I absolutely adore! 😈 Chameleon Highlighter In Mother of Pearl. £12.99 at Topshop Look at my poor baby!! I smashed this while travelling and I am too attatched to get rid and too poor right now to treat myself to a new one. *downfall to being a student* [...]


My weird (yet wonderful) bookish habits – Part Two.

I had a really positive response to the first post about my bookish habits...we are all a little weird and I LOVE IT. This is my second post and I love hearing what you reply, so please comment below and lets be weird and wonderful together. Read part one here - Here I discussed my impulse to [...]

More Lime Crime πŸ’„βœ¨

Yay! I got two more Lime Crime lipsticks. ✨ This time I went for Suedeberry and Red  Velvet.   YAAAASSS MULTIPLE SHADES OF RED!!    You seriously cannot get enough of reds. I legit have like 20 shades of red and honestly they are allllll different.    Suedeberry is the top swatch and Red Velvet [...]

Lipstick wish list βœ¨

As mentioned on my previous post...I am OBSESSED with lipstick. πŸ’„πŸ’‹ The following brands and shades are the ones I hope will join my collection soon!                     LIME CRIME VELVETINE - I already have -  Suedeberry  Pumpkin  Jinx  Beet It  Cupid-  Bleached -    Riot-    [...]

Lipstick Madness…

I have a little addiction...but I love it (shhh....)Β I actually cannot stop buy lipsticks/ lip lacquers. Β When it comes to lipsticks I am no fiend...as long as it is long lasting and a good shade I will buy and try it - hence why I have ended up with a variety.Β  I thought I would [...]