My weird (yet wonderful) bookish habits – Part Two.

I had a really positive response to the first post about my bookish habits…we are all a little weird and I LOVE IT. This is my second post and I love hearing what you reply, so please comment below and lets be weird and wonderful together.


Read part one here –

Here I discussed my impulse to talk to anyone reading a book, stifling a yawn with my book, hating on people who abuse books and my favourite reading location.


  1. Smelling books. New or Old I will give a book a cheeky little smell. Have you ever walked into a old vintage book shop and thought wow, it smells amazing. I wish they made candles in old book scent because I would burn that for daaayyyyssss. I always think old books smell well loved if that makes any sense at all. P.S. Early season Rory gives me life, she was a complete bookworm.giphy.gif
  2.  Leaving books scattered around the house. I am sooo guilty of this and it irritates my mum so much, she would always say she knew when I was back from university because she would just find books in random places. I need access to books at all times okay, what if something happened and I had to stay in that room…it would be okay because I would have a book with me.

rapunzel-books.gif  3. Always having a book on me.  I won’t leave the house unless I have a book with me. You never know when you will have a spare minute to read. Waiting for someone?-read. Early somewhere?-read. Unhappy?- Read. Bored?- Read. Legit the other day I went to Bath for the day with my best friend and I thought I would be early to the station so I grabbed my trusty version of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. 


4. Going on holiday and packing more books than clothes. THANK YOU KINDLE FOR MAKING MY LIFE EASIER NOW! When I use to visit my dad in Denmark over summer I would take like ten books for a week trip and SMASH them all. He would have to work somedays so I would just read in his apartment or walk to the park and read.  I still sometimes take physical copies of books with me but prefer to take my kindle nowadays because it is lighter and easier to carry. Although I prefer reading books over kindle books? what’s your thoughts on this matter?


5. Spending hours on end in libraries and bookshops.  Guilty again. I got spend an endless amount of time roaming the shelves in bookshops and libraries. Being surrounded by books fills me with a sense of comfort and belonging and I LOVE IT.

tumblr_o14lftvOZc1tzv1dpo1_500.gif 6. Talking about fictional characters as if they are real. I am a nightmare when it comes to this. They are real to me okay, they have touched my heart and now live in there. When I was going to my dissertation meetings my supervisor had to sit me down and advise me to stop writing and discussing the characters as if they were real. So…instead of writing Nick and Amy volitile relationship, I would have to write Flynn constructed the characters of Nick and Amy to give the illusion of a volatile relationship.Blah Blah Blah.


So here are six more reading habits of mine. Do you do the same? What do you think of mine?



When in Barcelona…

On the 13th of June I returned to the U.K after travelling Europe for five weeks. To mark the end of our journey my flatmate and I decided to get tattoos. ✨ 



I decided to get a globe because I was truly touched by the experience of travel. I feel inspired to explore more countries, cultures and who I am as a person. 

This is my fourth tattoo and I am addicted (below are two of my other tattoos) ❣️✨

Monthly treats ✨


This box will definitely make the January blues go away!  👋🏻

This time I got – 

  • Lord & Berry conceal-it Crayon in Beige.  (Normally £12) 
  • NUXE Huile Prodigieuse (Normally £17) 
  • A Merci Handy hand cream (normally £4.90)
  • A Monu professional skincare mist (£19.95) 
  • Wish Shave Crave Shaving Cream in Acai Grapefruit (normally £14.80) 

It was mermazing 👻😈

So, this year I decided to go as a mermaid for Halloween (well Saturday, we went out to a Halloween themed club). 

I have seen a few people do it on social media and it looked incredible.

 It was also a really cheap idea 💡 

This is my make up before I gored it up. My favourite part of every night out and especially Halloween is getting ready! This year was no different, my flat mates and I danced the evening away while getting ready. Our new favourite is Side to Side by Ariana Grande, so while that was blasting we couldn’t help but sway our bodies in time with every flick of our make brushes. 

 This is us gored up…when a dead mermaid and fairy become friends 👻💀 let’s just take a moment to appreciate how could my flat mate looks.  

We made our wounds (I say we, I mean mostly her and I just watched in fascination). 

For this look I wore a pink crop top and stuck massive shells on it and then glittered it up. I then matched the crop top with a sequin midi skirt. 


    💀 👻🎃HAPPY HALLOWEEN 🎃 👻💀

September favourites 2016

Once again I am soo sorry for being a shitty blogger over the last month, I thought I would be able to blog a lot in September but AHHHH … nope… life got in the way. I have been planning my third year dissertation and reading my course books.

I really want to blog more, make me…force me. PLLLEEEAASSEE!!!

I have been loving quite a lot recently, so…without further ado here is my 2016 September favourites!!!



At the beginning of the month, I devoured the Bridget Jones’s books and cannot wait to get my hands on the new one! I also saw the recent film and absolutely adored it! If you haven’t ever related to Bridget, are you even living? Like, SERIOUSLY?? She is my spirit animal.





  • The First black thing is the Revolution -UltraBrow kit. This is soo amazing! I recently have dyed my hair super blonde and have found it hard adjusting my eyebrow colour to match but oh my…the variety in this kit has helped a lot.
  • I received the Model co Highlighting trio in the September birch box and I use it all the time. LOVE LOVE LOVE.
  • DUN DUN DUN…the latest edition to my make up bag. The MUA LUX Enchanted eyeshadow. Oh gosh…this stuff is soo silky. I just want to run my fingers up and down the pallet all the time. The colours are also soo delightful!
  • I am also still really liking the B.Sweet Popping Candy Highlighting Serum. 
  • I am still loving the Elemis Hydra-Nourish Night Cream… it makes me feel FABULOUS!  It makes my skin feel so soft and well looked after, I received this in my birch box a few months back and cannot get enough of it. I will defintely be purchasing this when my sample is empty.


Do you love any of the products I have mentioned?



Superdrug Haul 🌟

In the early hours of the morning one day last week I decided to treat myself to a superdrug delivery. 

                     Oh, yeah…treating myself

Then I added to my delivery today when I popped into the Bristol store. 

Coincidentally, it appears that I love the make up MUA and B. 

Lips ~ 


You can see each of the lip colours on my hand, the colours going down my hand match the lipsticks in order. I absolutely adore the MUA velvet Lip lacquer that dries matted. It’s beautiful! 

Also, how incredible is the MUA LUXE colour. I have no clue how I am going to wear it but I couldn’t resist. 



The popping candy highlighting serum is soo beautiful and I cannot wait to use it! I also love the MUA undress your skin shimmer highlighter in Iridescent Gold. I have it Pink Shimmer which I love!! 

  • Do you use any of these? 
  • Do you have any reccomendations?


I recently treated myself to a birch box subscription and I LOVE IT! When I signed up, they had a promotion on where you would get two boxes in July (due to receiving one for June as well). 


Basically if you don’t know, ‘Birchbox’ is a monthly subscription of beauty products for only £10. (plus £2.95 for shipping) and wonderfully each month you get to explore new products that you necessarily  would not try because of price or scepticism.  What I love the most about these products is the enigma…oh the mystery… because although you fill out the information which describes your hair, face type and beauty experience- what you receive every month is a secret until you open the box.


Another thing that I love is that my sister and I joined together and each month we compare our boxes and get excited when they give us a choice of an extra gift. We always seem to pick the opposite product to each other.

If you click here and sign up you will receive 50 points on your account (which is basically £5 because when you get to 100 point, you receive £10 to spend in the shop. ALSO…this is why I thought I would bring it your attention, if you review the products you receive in your books, you get an extra £5 on your account.    


Would you like me to do a post on what I received in my JUNE, JULY and AUGUST boxes?

Do you already get the boxes?

Pinterest wish list…


So, being a student means one thing – I always seem to be poor. In order to get rid of my aching desire to shop away my student loan, I just make boards on Pinterest and dream about all the stuff I want.




How lush are all of these sunglasses? I need them all in my life…like right now!!



I keep meaning to pick up the NYX Copenhagen soft matte lip cream and the lip liner. I absolutely love this colour.


I need this NOW! It is soo pretty, the colours are majestic and make me want to get creative with my eye makeup. I love it when brands like Urban Decay and Mac bring out themed makeup that coincides with an upcoming movie.

Which leads me to my next wish list item-


The cinderella M.A.C collection. I wanted it last year and this year I NEED it. Pleeaaassseee!!

Check out my makeup boards on Pinterest to see more looks, that I want to achieve and more products I want own.

Makeup Board 

Makeup and Hair Board 

Some Clothes- 


According to the Harry Potter sorting hat on the website, I am in Ravenclaw. When I little, I always dreamed of being in Gryffindor but I am to be in Ravenclaw because it links me to traits such as; intelligence, wit, wisdom, creativity, originality, individuality and acceptance. Oh yeah, that’s me alright.




I love cute outfits like this; if you wanna see more of my style- look at more of my Pinterest boards below.


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If you use Pinterest, link it to me in the comments. I would like to see your boards and if you like mine, let me know.