One of my favourite authors is bringing out a new book…yaaaaassss! Give me it now.  By any chance Paula Hawkins stumbles across my blog…PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SEND ME A COPY TO REVIEW!   So, if you don’t know Paula Hawkins wrote The Girl on the Train, which was adapted into a film and released a few […]

Exciting new things…

This week I am taking on extra responsibility and starting my placement at a publishing house (AHHHHHHH)  and I am starting  volunteering in a primary school with year fours. Not only will I be a student and a part time employee BUT I will now be ‘Miss Waters’ and someone who is learning the publishing trade! […]

It was mermazing 👻😈

So, this year I decided to go as a mermaid for Halloween (well Saturday, we went out to a Halloween themed club).  I have seen a few people do it on social media and it looked incredible.  It was also a really cheap idea 💡    This is my make up before I gored it […]


I have missed doing these, I love them!!  BackTo School Freebie-anything “back to school” I decided to interpret this weeks meme as books that touched me throughout my school life, from primary school to college. The is all over the place and in no order, I just adore all of these books.   Matilda by […]

Starting a new book. 📚

I’ve decided to pick up a book to read today that isn’t a course book…yay! Recently, I have been reading a lot of intense pieces of literature that are critically acclaimed within the English Canon for my degree, so it is always lovely to just wind back with an easy read book.   For those […]

AUGUST ‘TBR’ 📚📕📕📗📙📒📔

1. HOW ARE WE IN AUGUST??? It’s crazy 😱 where has 2016 gone?  2. I was an absolutely horrible blogger//reading in July and I’m sorry but I worked a shit loads of hours and couldn’t find the energy to blog everyday.  So, without further ado, I present my Aug ’16 TBR   The Things They Carried […]

Let the reading commence 📚

 I have already read ‘Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens’ and ‘Peter and Wendy’ from my children’s literature reading list for next year at University.   So, next up…I thought I would read ‘Harry Potter and the Prisioner of Azkaban’ which is also on the list. I have an issue here though- after devouring this, I know […]