The Very Bookish Giveaway…

My last giveaway went AMAZINGLY and Lucy absolutely loved her gifts, so I thought I would do another one just in time for Christmas...but this time just full of books. The Rules -  Must be following this blog! Must be following my Instagram, comment on one of my posts so I know it is you [...]


Gryffindor Book Recommendations…

Hello lovelies, I am finally uploading this after it being in my draft box for ages...forgive me. I have previously done Ravenclaw , so if you want to read it - click here. Traits Bravery Nerve Chivalry Courage Daring So, without further ado these are my book recommendation for those Harry Potter fans who think [...]

Philip Pullman 

On Thursday last week I went to an event at my university called Philip Pullman in discussion. Basically Pullman discussed his new book Le Belle Sauvage: The Book of Dust Volume One for a while and then he signed books. AHHHHH HE SIGNED BOOKS!! I stupidly left my copy of his new book at home [...]