I am becoming a frequent user of instragam, especially on my book page. I think you should go and check out my page and maybe give me a cheeky follow. Make sure you comment that you've come from my blog so I can follow you back! 😊  My Instagram is - book_captivation is [...]


One Lovely Blog Award…

The rules: Thank the person who nominated you. Add the award logo to your post. List 7 facts about yourself. Nominate 15 bloggers who are deserving of the award. Thank you so much to Lauren from Check out her out, she is amazing.  My facts I am currently studying Victorian Literature and American Literature. Alongside [...]

Super scared and seeking support…

I want to try something new and put myself out there because I really want my passion for books, life and happiness to shine through and although I hope my blog already emphasizes these qualities. I want to push myself further and perhaps try and video blog on YouTube. I am just super worried about [...]

The week where I try to read loads📚📚

Within the last week I have finished the following books...  The Girl On The Train  The Shock of the Fall  North and South  Papertowns  I have also started... Not that kind of Girl  The Rosie Project  This is currently what I am doing with my day...      Have any of you lovely people read any [...]