Make Up Brush Love ❤️

Today I thought I would share with you my AMAZINGLY beautiful new make up brushes. I have stuck with Real Tenchniques brushes for years now but for Christmas my sister got me the oval brushes!

These ones!!! 

And then for my 21st birthday 🎉 my sister got me the unicorn ones (pictured below) and I treated myself with the spectrum brushes. 


I will will continue to love love love my Real Techniques brushes but just opened my heart to these bad boys! 🎉🎈

It was mermazing 👻😈

So, this year I decided to go as a mermaid for Halloween (well Saturday, we went out to a Halloween themed club). 

I have seen a few people do it on social media and it looked incredible.

 It was also a really cheap idea 💡 

This is my make up before I gored it up. My favourite part of every night out and especially Halloween is getting ready! This year was no different, my flat mates and I danced the evening away while getting ready. Our new favourite is Side to Side by Ariana Grande, so while that was blasting we couldn’t help but sway our bodies in time with every flick of our make brushes. 

 This is us gored up…when a dead mermaid and fairy become friends 👻💀 let’s just take a moment to appreciate how could my flat mate looks.  

We made our wounds (I say we, I mean mostly her and I just watched in fascination). 

For this look I wore a pink crop top and stuck massive shells on it and then glittered it up. I then matched the crop top with a sequin midi skirt. 


    💀 👻🎃HAPPY HALLOWEEN 🎃 👻💀

May Favourites…

I haven’t had a lot of time in May to love things due to my last exam being on the 18th of May. I wish I had the opportunity to read more books this month but I had to read Tess of the D’Urbervilles, Middlemarch and The Picture of Dorian Gray again for University and then I have finally finished Cinder now.



Humans and androids crowd the raucous streets of New Beijing. A deadly plague ravages the population. From space, a ruthless lunar people watch, waiting to make their move. No one knows that Earth’s fate hinges on one girl.

Cinder, a gifted mechanic, is a cyborg. She’s a second-class citizen with a mysterious past, reviled by her stepmother and blamed for her stepsister’s illness. But when her life becomes intertwined with the handsome Prince Kai’s, she suddenly finds herself at the center of an intergalactic struggle, and a forbidden attraction. Caught between duty and freedom, loyalty and betrayal, she must uncover secrets about her past in order to protect her world’s future.

 I HAVE FINISHED IT AND ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!! *Review to follow*blog-divider-wreath-elements-06-2013-smaller.png

Random stuff

  • I have also been loving my beautiful MacBook Air which I cheekily purchased for myself and even more I love my mint blue keyboard cover and case for it, maybe this is why I have been blogging so much because I just love typing on it.
  • My daisy sandals from Primark – (in the picture) I love them soo much. They are pretty and cheap so I couldn’t go wrong.
  • MUA- Undress Your Skin – I am still in love with this highlighter, I just put more and more on my face like ‘la la la so glittery and shiny.’
  • Hollister Wild Chase perfume.


TV shows 

  • Reign (on Netflix) – I am finally up to date with the show, I love this show. I use to watch The Tudors when I was younger and I adored that, I do love a historical tv show. Oh, the scandal. If you don’t know, this show follows the life of Queen Mary of Scotts and her life in France married to Francis II of France. It is awesome!!




  • Teen wolf (season one and two) I know I am late in joining this fandom, but for years, I have been meaning to watch it. So, I have only watched up to season 2 because that is what is on Netflix…I will catch up with the other seasons soon.



  • Orphan Black (week episodes) This is one of my favourite shows ever, it follows the lives of clones and it is really clever in its depiction. All of the clones are played by the wonderful Tatiana Maslany. Each clone has extremely different characteristics and it is soo majestic to watch her play all of them.  

WATCH THE TRAILER HERE                 


  • Full House-  WATCH TRAILER HERE  I use to watch this when I younger and loved it soo much, I got to watch the family grow up over eight seasons and was ecstatic to learn that ‘Fuller House’ was coming out and that it featured the original cast grown up. sKDH
  • (many years later) Fuller House – one season at the moment, the family are back  (except Michelle – aka – Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen)  I love it, it is the same girl in each gif.




Just appears that I have been watching a lot of Netflix and avoiding responsibility…yep sounds about right. Do you like any of the stuff I have mentioned?

Revision make up look…

img_1259 My favourite products are being used again, they are just working really well for me at the moment. Don’t judge me on how dirty my brushes are, when my exam is done tomorrow, I will clean them…Promise! For this look, I only use the brushes below but I am slightly obsessed with buying makeup brushes. img_1258

I am quite an insecure person, so I wear makeup not for anyone but for me. It makes me feel a lot better about myself and when revising I don’t want the insecurities to invade my mind and preoccupy my mind. I know it sounds stupid, but if I feel okay on the outside, I feel ready to concur the world. 
This good thing about this look is that it doesn’t take long! The braid takes like 5 minutes and it looks amazing and the makeup took half an hour.


I know it would be easier to just leave the house barefaced but I fidn that really difficult, so I would rather spent 40 minutes of my day applying make up that gives me confidence instead of spending every second anxious that people are laughing at my non pefect skin.


April Favourites ’16



  • Urban Decay – Makeup setting spray
  • Mac Lipstick – Ruby Woo
  • Mac Lipstick – Lady Danger
  • Collection – Lasting Perfection
  • Rimmel London– Lasting finish concealer
  • MUA – Undress your skin (Shimmer Highlighter)
  • O.P.I– All Stars collection
  • Technic– Contour Stix

I recently went on a makeup shopping spree and have been loving my new products!!

Ever once and a while, I switch up my foundation to explore different ones. For the last few month’s I have been using Superdrugs own brand – B. Radiant foundation but I decided to switch up my foundation and after spending nearly an hour in Superdrug- staring at different foundations, I decided to try the  LASTING PERFECTION ONE.  I LOVE IT! It is also quite cheap! So yay!


I have also been loving my two mac lipsticks!!!! I am sucker for a good red lip. It is my ultimate favourite colour, which I wear alll year round.  Do not get me started on the highlighter, I actually think I am in love with it. It so shiny and beautiful. Mmmmm I love it soooo much!

Do any of you use these products or suggest any you think I would like? Trust me, this is not the whole content of my makeup bag, if you would like me to explore more makeup I can/wil- just let me know.  I can also show you my daily routines, etc.









January favourites !!

A mixture of all of my favourite things in January …

In the book section… IMG_0771


In the beauty section… 

Tanya Burr ‘Little Duck’ nail varnish
Tanya Burr ‘mini marshmallow’  nail varnish
undress me too MUA eye shadow palette
Zoella body mist
zoella bath soap

In the film section 

The Theory of Everything
download (1)
Camp X-Ray
Still Alice

In the home section…

Christmas Eve – Yankee Candle