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Highlighter Galore ✨✨

I have six go to highlighters that I absolutely adore! 😈 Chameleon Highlighter In Mother of Pearl. £12.99 at Topshop Look at my poor baby!! I smashed this while travelling and I am too attatched to get rid and too poor right now to treat myself to a new one. *downfall to being a student*… Continue reading Highlighter Galore ✨✨

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Lipstick wish list ✨

As mentioned on my previous post...I am OBSESSED with lipstick. 💄💋 The following brands and shades are the ones I hope will join my collection soon!                     LIME CRIME VELVETINE - I already have -  Suedeberry  Pumpkin  Jinx  Beet It  Cupid-  Bleached -    Riot-   … Continue reading Lipstick wish list ✨

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Lipstick Madness…

I have a little addiction...but I love it (shhh....) I actually cannot stop buy lipsticks/ lip lacquers.  When it comes to lipsticks I am no long as it is long lasting and a good shade I will buy and try it - hence why I have ended up with a variety.  I thought I would… Continue reading Lipstick Madness…

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Festival look ✨❣️ 🌈🍭🍾

Hey y'all...  I am going to Reading Festival soon and super eager to cover myself in glitter, wear space buns (all day- everyday!)  and wear super cute clothes!!  I currently have permanent eyelashes in so my life is so much easier with make up because I don't have to worry about eyeliner, lashes or massacra. … Continue reading Festival look ✨❣️ 🌈🍭🍾

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Make Up Brush Love ❤️

Today I thought I would share with you my AMAZINGLY beautiful new make up brushes. I have stuck with Real Tenchniques brushes for years now but for Christmas my sister got me the oval brushes! These ones!!!  And then for my 21st birthday 🎉 my sister got me the unicorn ones (pictured below) and I treated… Continue reading Make Up Brush Love ❤️

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It was mermazing 👻😈

So, this year I decided to go as a mermaid for Halloween (well Saturday, we went out to a Halloween themed club).  I have seen a few people do it on social media and it looked incredible.  It was also a really cheap idea 💡    This is my make up before I gored it… Continue reading It was mermazing 👻😈