The Harry Potter book tag…

AHHHH THE HARRY POTTER TAG…   A book that you found interesting but would like to rewrite:  I love the concept of this book however, I just don’t think it is written well at all. I cannot wait for this how of this to come to Netflix. The first book in a series that got […]

Dear anxiety, please stop stealing my social life…

This is a bit of a personal post and I am sorry about being absent but my first year university exams took over my life. SO SORRY, I LOVE YOU ALL.  A few weeks ago I went out on a night out with my university flat mates and in hindsight I really should not have […]

James Bay

 Last night I saw James Bay in Bristol and WOW! He was incredible! He is one of those people who just manages to captivate your heart by writing and performing songs so well that they pull at your heart strings.  He would get lost within his music on the stage which was so engaging because […]

January favourites !!

A mixture of all of my favourite things in January … In the book section…  In the beauty section…  In the film section  In the home section…

Youtuber obsessed!

I think I have gone Youtube CRAZY!   I absolutely love Tanya and Zoe’s cosmetics that they released, so I was more than happy to buy them.  Although my sister did buy me the makeup bag, perfume and Zoe’s book for Christmas. Tanya Burr’s AURORA lip gloss is just perfection in a tube, such a beautiful colour […]