The Shock of Fall written by Nathan Filer.

I also posted this on my University blog and due to the fact this book means so much to me, I decided to post it on here. If you’re looking for a book that captivates you and holds your attention for its entirety, then look no further because this is a magnificent aspect of this […]

The week where I try to read loads📚📚

Within the last week I have finished the following books…  The Girl On The Train  The Shock of the Fall  North and South  Papertowns  I have also started… Not that kind of Girl  The Rosie Project  This is currently what I am doing with my day…      Have any of you lovely people read any […]

A girl can never have too many books…

I got some new books, woo! I have a problem okay, even though my reading list in is the 100 I cannot stop buying books and adding them to that list. Send help because I need it! 1. Still Alice by Lisa Genova Alice Howland is proud of the life she worked so hard to […]